What they failed to mention was the never-ending stream of illnesses and diseases I would inevitably contract from the little germ factories.   Of course, I love my babies and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but if I make it to their high school graduation without winding up in some sort of institution I will be very surprised. Most of the time the illnesses are minor: colds, flus, rashes, pink eye. They’re nothing a little sleep and antibiotics can’t cure. However, there are a few, more subtle, disorders I have developed since having children that are not so easy to treat*.


Mary Widdicks

Mary Widdicks is a 31-year-old mom to two boys and is expecting the birth of her first daughter in February, 2015. Being outnumbered in the family means that sometimes her voice gets drowned out by fart jokes and belching contests. She started Outmanned so she’d have a place to escape the testosterone and share her hilarious life with the rest of the world. Mary’s writing has been featured on popular parenting sites such as Mamapedia, Mamalode, In the Powder Room, Pregnant Chicken and Scary Mommy. She has also been honored as a 2014 Voice of the Year by BlogHer, and Badass Blogger of the Year for 2014 by The Indie Chicks.

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