Being Women

Being Honest
I collect people. Not in some creepy Jeffrey Dahmer way. And not in the urban dictionary sense of adding random followers to my social media accounts. But from phases of life to states I’ve called home, places I’ve visited and groups I’ve belonged to – I have assembled a group of people, my people. Some are part
Being Funny
  It’s 6:55 AM on a Saturday morning, the only day I can sleep in and for some reason my mind is hyped like a Jack Russell with a tennis ball. There will be no more sleeping going on. Also, thanks to new memory foam pillows I received for Christmas, I can’t even adequately suffocate
Being Moms
I am no stranger to disgusting things. When I was 8, my brother slammed his foot in the front door, and his big toe was left with a mangled and eventually blackened toenail. Within a week it fell off, and he unceremoniously tossed that sucker into my Barbie Dream Camper, right next to Ken and
According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, over the period of 2012-2013 (the most recent statistics we could find), more than 40,000 women in Canada had a hysterectomy. If those numbers blow your mind, we hope you’re sitting down right now because the National Women’s Health Network in the United States reports a staggering
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