I often get asked how we travel so often with such young children.

My only explanation is that I was a passionate traveler before I even met my husband, as was he before he met me. Once we were married we continued to explore the globe together, and when kids came into the picture it was a natural progression that they would join us on our adventures.

Now don’t get me wrong; it’s not always easy, or even fun, but we’d rather do modified traveling than no traveling at all.

Do we get to do all the exciting things we could if it was just the two of us? No. We definitely have to tone it down a bit while our kids are little. Our days of volcano surfing and dune buggies through the desert are put on hold, but we’re seeing more of the world than we would be if we stayed home, and we’re creating amazing memories together as a family.

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Lisa is the author behind the blog Canadian Expat Mom. She lives in the South of France with her husband and their two French-born daughters. When her family isn’t in the land of wine and cheese, they can be found exploring the globe with far too much luggage. Lisa is currently working on her first novel; a humerous memoir about her adventures in France that will leave you feeling like you just shared a bottle of Bordeaux with your best girlfriend. Follow Lisa on Facebook for more stories of travel and life in France.

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