Recently, my son and I were enjoying an event organized by our local parks district, when I found myself bopping along to some familiar tunes. Obviously, there was a healthy serving of songs from the Frozensoundtrack as well as some more classics. In between Let It Go and Under the Sea I noticed a few contemporary pop songs which had been remixed by a children’s band.

If you haven’t heard of this disturbing phenomenon (lucky you!), it’s called Kidz Bop and you can read a hilarious description of exactly why I hate it HERE.

At the time, I didn’t know any of this and was innocently singing along with the lovely falsetto of a young boy’s voice when suddenly I stopped, frozen (no, not the song this time!).

Did I just hear a six year old sing the line “I want to hear you scream my name?”


Mary Widdicks

Mary Widdicks is a 31-year-old mom to two boys and is expecting the birth of her first daughter in February, 2015. Being outnumbered in the family means that sometimes her voice gets drowned out by fart jokes and belching contests. She started Outmanned so she’d have a place to escape the testosterone and share her hilarious life with the rest of the world. Mary’s writing has been featured on popular parenting sites such as Mamapedia, Mamalode, In the Powder Room, Pregnant Chicken and Scary Mommy. She has also been honored as a 2014 Voice of the Year by BlogHer, and Badass Blogger of the Year for 2014 by The Indie Chicks.

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