Kraft Peanut Butter helps one family plan an unforgettable surprise for one special mom.

Fans of heart-warming videos, take note. This beautiful video will have you sending a message to your loved ones in no time.

Today’s busy world asks so much from parents. Work / life balance is hard to achieve and schedules are more jam-packed than ever. As divide-and-conquer parenting becomes increasingly the norm, it’s more important than ever to reach out to our loved ones.

In this just-released piece, a real-life family does just that. #StoryTime follows them as they plan something truly special for Mom. What begins as a documentary ends in a surprise event that reminds us all how important we are to each other.

This latest instalment in Kraft Peanut Butter’s #StickTogether campaign will leave no eyes dry, and might just inspire you to plan something special for your family.



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