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Have an idea burning in your brain that you would love to share? Something you need to get off your chest? Is it gritty, genuine, controversial or just a bit dirty? Then you might be our kind of writer!

Submit a guest post for publishing on the BLUNTmoms website.  You can be anonymous, write under a pseudonym or come out and write as yourself!

Go on, give it a try…and here are some tips before you submit:

  1. We are kind of over breast feeding and C-section posts so maybe unless you have some super unique angle, it likely won’t get published. 
  2. Our site is distinct in that it does not favour lifestyle writing. We are looking for entertaining, gritty and raw stories. 
  3. We are about women who are parents, actually all parents but Moms predominantly. Is your story interesting? We want to look under your rocks, so send in your best stuff. 

Submit a post using the form below. We will review, edit and publish (if it passes our stringent standards). If you share your info and want to be recognized as author, we will even link you and like you and share you with our readers!

Our editorial team members read every submission that comes in. However, they all work full-time and are only able to work on the site on nights and weekends. When we are especially overwhelmed with submissions, it may take us a few weeks to get back to you. If you have any questions about your submission in the interim, please feel free to email editor (at) bluntmoms (dot) com. You can also reach us on our facebook page and through twitter. Otherwise, we’ll be back to you with our feedback just as soon as we can.

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If I wish to withdraw a post from consideration, it must happen BEFORE it goes through the editorial process. Once it has entered the editorial process, BLUNTmoms reserves the right to publish an edited version of the piece with or without my approval. If I pull a piece after it has been edited and publish the edited version on another site before it goes live on BLUNTmoms, I understand that I will be invoiced for the time spent by the editorial team. This will be a minimum of $30USD. (And seriously, how much does it suck that we’ve had to explicitly state this because a few bad apples have taken advantage of us?)

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