I had the opportunity to revisit my travel bucket list. I have been bugging the family to consider South America for a family vacation and haven’t yet won that battle. Then my husband had to travel to Santiago, Chile for work and the kids’ were busy at school. I got on the plane for a weekend jaunt south. My husband had several work commitments we attended together, but all I was there to do was climb in the Andes, which I felt was worth the 18-hours of flying.

I was not disappointed.

I’ve been in the Rockies and hiked in the Alps. I have skied the rolling ant hills of Ontario and hiked volcanoes in Costa Rica. I’ve even skied in Australia and climbed the now-unclimbable Ayers Rock. I’ve trudged up the staircase at the CN Tower, watched the Olympics in the mountains of Vancouver. But, second only to the Himalayas–which remains a goal–going for a hike in the Andes was something I had wanted to do for as long as I’d had a list for travel. Now I can cross that item off and start pestering the family to head to Nepal.

The weather changed several times on the hike, and our guide was a bit skittish that we would not make it to our destination as he watched the snow storm clouds roll over the summit. But we have luck when we travel. We spent more than two months in Europe and only saw the rain on the last day. Equally lucky, when we were on the east coast of Canada it only rained when we were in the car or a restaurant. Not kidding, we would get the bill, and the rain would stop. So we knew what our guide didn’t. We would get to the pools before the park personnel made us turn around. And, we did. We got the pictures and started hiking back when the staff began coming up the mountain to clear tourists and locals.

Back to our good luck. Sure, we have our share of bad luck. I can’t walk out of the house without injuring myself, and you don’t suffer from depression by being the luckiest person alive. But when almost anything could go wrong, we tend to get it right. We have attributed this to two things. First, a mysterious phenomenon that my husband calls “Laco Luck.” Some people are just born under a horseshoe, and my husband is one of those people. Of course, his luck has hit a wall when it comes to the lottery, but he’s just saving that for someone less fortunate. He’s a giver.

I experienced Laco Luck on our first date when my now husband asked me if I had any gum (we were 21, and chewing gum was still a thing). I did not, but as we left the theatre, they were giving out packs of gum. I can’t make this stuff up. It happens regularly to the point that we almost expect good luck to follow us around.

Second, I attribute this phenomenon to what I now know is called, “The Secret.” It was a book by Rhonda Byrne, but my husband lived it before it was fashionable. I have taken it on as a life philosophy, and when I don’t assume everything will work out for the best, it doesn’t. There were many times in my life-list year that I got down on myself. Something I wanted to try didn’t work out, people backed out at the last minute, I broke myself; but, when I recentred myself to the positive of being able to do all of these adventures and many of them with friends and family, I knew that The Secret was working its magic on me.

Believing I would get to hike in the Andes was never a question. Knowing we would get to the pools at the top was straightforward. Finishing my year of turning 50 like a boss having had 50 brand-new experiences was going to happen. Despite the setbacks, I knew I was going to turn 50 having had these experiences and survive to make it back down the mountain. I was confident it would work out and with two weeks left, I can safely say I’m in the home stretch. My husband may have the horseshoe, but I am steering this horse. Nepal, here we come!

My Turning 50 Like a Boss Tip: Be positive. It can take you to new heights.

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