I believe in the presence of souls and spirits. Maybe that makes me spiritual, perhaps it makes me a whack job. Regardless, I’m sticking to my theory and here’s why.

On a girl’s weekend years ago, my friend had organized a reading with a medium for each of us. I head into new experiences with an open mind, and this was no different. My friends both had their readings ahead of me and came out laughing claiming that she was entertaining but not at all telling. Still, I maintained my open mind. It was thirty minutes of my life. I can stay present for that long.

When I walked into the room that serves as a massage room as well, I did not get the sense this woman was trying to take us for our money. Very few people have this calming effect on me. You can judge me for this if you like, but I felt like my grandmother was there. The medium was not remotely like grandma, but there was something in the room that put me right beside the person I missed most in this world. Maybe it was a smell or a sense, but grandma was there.

The reading was unremarkable for the first ten minutes. She looked me in the eye and threw out names and numbers which meant nothing to me at the time or were a stretch to find a connection. Until she said the name, Mary. Mary was my husband’s mother. I knew her for only a few months before she died of a heart attack, but what I knew of her I loved. Now Mary is a common name, and I waited for more.

“This woman is a mother figure to you.” There are not a lot of Mary’s who aren’t mothers. But, check.

“She sent a nurse to be her in-person guide for you.” Her daughter is a nurse and very much like a sister to me. But there are lots of nurses. Still, check.

“She likes looking out your kitchen window at the neighbour’s rose arbour attached to their garage. She was happy that you changed that window.” Whoa. Check.

“She says that your husband will never fix your broken gate so you should just do it yourself and stop waiting.” Holy Mary. Check.

But Mary is not who I sensed in the room. It was my grandmother I thought was there. She is who I talk to in the kitchen or laugh with when the kids do something funny. Maybe I looked disappointed, but then the medium left me with this.

“I know you were hoping for someone else to come through. There was another mother figure in the room, but she knows that you sense she is here. She wanted you to know that Mary is watching out for you too, so she let her come through.” Here come the waterworks. Check. The mother-in-law I never got to know wanted to be there with me. It was a powerful parting gift for myself and my husband. Now I laugh with the grandma and Mary and like to think they are laughing with each other too.

One thing about Mary I never got to experience when she was alive was that she read tea leaves. So I added reading tea leaves and tarot cards to my list of items I wanted to try. My friends all liked the tarot best but reading tea leaves gave me a feeling of lightness, like I had another person in the room helping me. Somehow it came easy. This realization didn’t hit me until we were driving home. I got to thank Mary in the car for her wisdom and guidance, and I’m sure she heard me.

My Turning 50 Like a Boss Tip: Stay thankful for your guiding forces be they internal or beyond.

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