I get it, controlling white men want to make sure their legislation hogtying women goes to the Supreme Court. They made abortion a crime for anybody who provides one or has one to make sure that the legislation is challenged.

Enter the stacked Supreme Court of the United States of Republicans. They are sitting in their big chairs jerking one off in anticipation of getting the appeal document. They will finally get to overturn Roe v Wade and they couldn’t be more excited about it.

The galling unfairness of all of this is so frustrating. The flagrant hostility to women makes no sense in modern society. I can understand that way back in history women were “other” and most surely witches and conjurers so men required dominion over them.  They were scary as hell and could push babies out of sacred places, so men had to own that kind of magic. But now, the only fantasy that is going on is that Christians care about children. That is the new fairy tale that has replaced the witch burnings. They care not one bit about the babies, or the rape and abuse, they want control and have found the perfect way to exert it – by taking away our choice.

If you think the Handmaid’s Tale is impossible fiction, take a trip to Alabama and talk to the poor, the people of colour, the white women, the teen girls and rape victims. We are in that dystopian future right now.

We know that many people are uncomfortable or dead set against abortion, but even the most dogmatic pro-birthers can stretch their understanding to see what is really going on here. Women are a threat to men and limiting their freedoms is just the first volley in the war against us. If you are female you are not safe, your rights are not above the tear down that is now fully engaged.

The leadership of Planned Parenthood must be the strongest people in the world because they fight. The ACLU is lining up its legal crossbows to take on these archaic monsters. Women march, and we vote.  Every one of the white men who put forward this bill were voted in by Alabama citizens.  They can be voted out too.

The Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey has now signed this bill. That’s right – SHE. Her website has a picture with her and President Trump looking cozy. It took her under 24 hours to slide that bill across her slimy desk. Here is one way of letting her know how you feel about that decision: Contact Alabama

If you aren’t enraged at this bill/law and these heinous legislators, you haven’t been paying attention. The war on women isn’t a risk. It is a reality.


Magnolia Ripkin

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