Going through a three year old’s YouTube browsing history is like a window into the mind of a madman. It twists and turns in unexpected ways, making connections where most people would see only randomness, and stopping to relish in the mundane. Welcome to the digital era: You can now watch videos of paint drying from the comfort of your own sofa.

Thanks to the related posts tab along the side of the screen, my son is free to roam aimlessly through the labyrinth of videos people post on the internet. Of course, I make sure I’m nearby to ensure he’s not watching anything offensive. Otherwise, I give him free reign; it’s his screen time and he can waste it however he likes.

Here is a list of the videos my son has watched in the last few days.

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Mary Widdicks

Mary Widdicks is a 31-year-old mom to two boys and is expecting the birth of her first daughter in February, 2015. Being outnumbered in the family means that sometimes her voice gets drowned out by fart jokes and belching contests. She started Outmanned so she’d have a place to escape the testosterone and share her hilarious life with the rest of the world. Mary’s writing has been featured on popular parenting sites such as Mamapedia, Mamalode, In the Powder Room, Pregnant Chicken and Scary Mommy. She has also been honored as a 2014 Voice of the Year by BlogHer, and Badass Blogger of the Year for 2014 by The Indie Chicks.

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