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BLUNTmoms is a collection of amazing bloggers who come to this site to explore different stories that aren’t always appropriate for their own personal blog sites.

They may be filled with curse words (not cursive . . . curse; like BAD words) or they could be more introspective posts that don’t fit their humor blog. Whatever their reasons, they have found a safe haven for their amazing brains at BLUNTmoms.

Sit back and enjoy our collection. Comment as you like, be offended, find a connection, cry a little, laugh a lot . . . just participate!

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  1. Hallelujah baby Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa and Joan Rivers! This place is like speech heaven! I have always been a complete advocate of the rowdy, uncensored and humorous truth so you can imagine how awesome I am and how I routinely make new friends with the church folk. I love to write and talk and yell and be profane but most of all I love to laugh at wit, sarcasm, snark and humor because why the hell not! I finally decided I might be good enough to blog myself so I definitely try. I will be following this blog like a fat kid at a candy convention woo hoo!

  2. WOW- where has this sight been? I just ran across bluntmoms.com via a search engine and now feel as though I’ve got a lot of damn catching up to do. I couldn’t have said it better than Sarah Lopez- that is me made to a T. I can’t believe I’ve finally found a way to express my true self and know others will be ok with it. For you see, I have been a BLUNT person my entire life. Some like it, many don’t but I’ve always told myself that I don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks. We live in a country that has freedom of speech so I’m entitled to say whatever in the hell I want to. In fact, I’ve been called “mouth of the south” by many for a reason! Well, gotta run so I can get busy cussing, crying, laughing and relating to my “sisters” that are just as fucking blunt! Amen

  3. Growing up, I always wished my mom would stop cursing so much. She had 4 kids, 3 of them boys, and a husband who laid on the guilt. Now that I’m a mother, not only do I understand, but I’m wondering why she didn’t drink too.

    Looking forward to a place with like-minded people where I can let it all out.

    Thank you.

  4. Anthony Carmichael Reply

    So… I am not a mom(kind of). My husband and I are foster/adoptive parents of four not-always wonderful children ages 10,12,14,and 15 and we both get to be “mom” 50 percent of the time. Since I have discovered BLUNTMOMS, I have been able to find laughter and alleviate some of the angst that I experience as a parent. Thank you for keeping such a great thing flowing !!

  5. I love this hilarious, relatable website!

    I am a national bestselling historical fiction author, but I’ve made a sharp genre turn in my new satire, #HOCKEYSTRONG, about youth sports parent insanity. Ten years on the sidelines of thousands of practices and games inspired this new acerbic work of social commentary. While I aim to entertain readers, I hope the book starts serious conversations about how parents have gone off the rails.

    As the recent Time Magazine and Good Morning America pieces suggest, adults have made a circus of youth sports, and kids are paying the price. Social media seems to fan the flames, with the photos and hashtags of parents’ status updates revealing their vicarious living through “Junior’s” games and competitions. Throw out the topic at a playdate or dinner party, and you are sure to hear story after story of “this crazy dance mom” and that “nutso football coach,” etc.

    CBS Weekend contributor and New York Times bestselling author, Lee Woodruff, says about #HOCKEYSTRONG: “Equal parts hilarious and horrifying, it’s impossible not to see people you know, or even yourself, in this timely satire,” and Nicola Kraus, #1 bestselling co-author of The Nanny Diaries says: “This hilarious spot-on satire takes you inside where so many of us parents get hijacked into spending our time and money—the sidelines.”

    Would you be interested in receiving a copy of the book for review consideration or coverage? If so, please let me know the best mailing address.

    Warm regards,


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