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What are you reading at night?

Beside my bed I have Mark Haddon’s “The Red House“.  Heather McDonalds “ My Inappropriate Life”   and most importantly its Jennifer Kolari’s “Connected Parenting“Yes. I read parenting books.

Go ahead.

Tease me.

Call me a Yuppy, or a helicopter parent or whatever the hell you want.  But after a day of less than stellar day of parenting, I want to learn. I want to become a better parent for me and mostly for my daughter.

I want to feel like I am doing okay.  I want to feel that there are worse parents out there and I am not going to raise a little Lindsay Lohan.

I love reading the “befores” in parenting books. You know, the parents that tell their children awful things like, ” What the hell is wrong with you? Are you stupid?  You are an idiot.”  Reading about those parents, makes me feel a lot better about myself.

And I like it.

Don’t get me wrong, I do say some awful things.  But, reading parenting books makes me feel less alone and they help me get back into the trenches. Most importantly, they make me a better Mom. The next morning, I am ready to start fresh and to let the little things go. I don’t need to win every battle and I am excited to not win.  Reading parenting books also makes me eager to listen to my children and I cannot wait to run down the stairs in the morning and hug them and do the best I can.

Will I pull a Alec Baldwin and call my daughter, “an ungrateful little pig”.?

Probably not out loud.

But, in my head.

Because I learned that in a parenting book.


Kyla Cornish is an on hiatus radio Dj adjusting to being a Momma of two children. Main problems? Lack of sex, sleep, sanity and an addiction to saucy chicken wings. According to one, probably drunk commentor on her blog, ” She is Canada’s Version of The Bloggess”. You can read her writing in a series of e-books titled “Life Well Blogged” and she has been recognized by many top blogger lists. She was even named Platinum Blog in her community of Cranbrook, British Columbia. Her big claim to fame is being kicked out of a blogging contest for cheating. She also won a baking competition when she was 11 at a 4-H Rally. So as you can see, she's kind of a big deal.

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