“Make sure you take a babymoon” is what I kept hearing while I was pregnant.

What the heck was a babymoon? I had to google it. According to the internet, it’s a vacation taken by a couple soon before their baby is born.

I guess that makes sense. But what was all the panic about? We had taken lots of vacations. According to my Mother, my whole life is a vacation. Did I really need a specific holiday just because a baby was coming?

We already had a vacation planned, and I happened to be pregnant, so I guess it was going to be our babymoon.

The main part of our trip was to Croatia, but from there we planned on renting a car and visiting some of the surrounding areas.

My husband, always the lifelong learner, suggests we drive to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
He tries to sell it to me by explaining that it has a rich history and complex geopolitics. That’s right, I said ‘complex geopolitics.’ This is what I was dealing with.

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