So let’s be brutally honest here, many first marriages fail. What’s even more shocking? Second marriages with kids involved have an even worse track record. Let that sink in for a minute.

You might be on the verge of getting serious with that guy who has kids or you’re about to get married and officially become a stepmom. Congratulations! But wait, there is one drawback. He’s had a vasectomy.

Some women might not care, you never wanted kids and never expected to have stepchildren. For others, like me, I made damn sure that guy knew that I might want kids of my own someday. Then you have the women who have dreamt of having children since they were little girls.

When you’re dating a guy with kids and a vasectomy, nobody sits you down and asks “do you understand what you’re getting yourself into?’’ So I’m going to lay it out for you.

Ladies, there are a few things to keep in mind,

He’s had a vasectomy for a reason and might never want kids again. Seriously, this can be the reality of your situation. He doesn’t want to have any more kids. The end. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you are going to stay or leave.

You might not have the money for the reversal surgery. Vasectomy reversal surgeries are expensive and not covered by most health insurance policies. You better start saving now, unless you’re one of the lucky ones who has lots of money stashed away in a savings account, because you’ll need anywhere from $4000 to $8000 in Canada.

The reversal surgery can fail. Don’t get your hopes up. There is absolutely no guarantee the surgery will succeed. Do your research but definitely talk to a doctor who specializes is reversal surgeries. The statistics online are all over the map which is why I don’t give a rat’s ass about any of these so-called “statistics”. There isn’t much I can do about our situation other than pay for the reversal surgery and hope for the best. Whatever happens afterward is out of my control.

People prying. Close friends and random people will love to put their two cents in. Are you having babies? Is he getting the surgery? When you’re a prime baby bearing age people love to ask about your baby making plans.

As a stepmom, These may be some of the typical responses you receive.

  1. You’re still young! There’s no rush.
  2. You already have your stepchildren and got to skip the pregnancy stage and raising babies. You’re so lucky, it’s basically the same thing!

Actually no, having stepchildren is not the same. Have you ever considered that I might want to experience pregnancy myself, waking up at all hours of the night to feed my baby and watch him or her take their first steps?

Endless late night discussions. You’ll have many late night conversations about your family plans. For me, many times these nights end with me saying “I just wish your vasectomy would miraculously fail and bam, I’m pregnant”. This way we wouldn’t have to pay for the surgery and I wouldn’t have to decide if I really want my own kids. I love wishful thinking…

You will have a breakdown. Whether you’re indecisive about it or know for certain your own kids, be prepared to shed a few tears. Deciding whether or not you want to have a baby is an emotional rollercoaster. For example, my husband is on the fence about having another baby. His children are older and as he puts it “I can see the light at the end of the tunnel”. Which I understand, but then I guess you shouldn’t have dated a younger women who warned you she might want kids of her own. Sorry, buddy.

My husband and I approached the topic of Vasectomy Reversal in very different ways. I prefer to not talk about potential baby names, fantasize about the gender or what he or she is going to look like. To my surprise, my husband is the complete opposite.

Cue epic breakdown as I wasn’t ready to talk about these things. I am so worried that the reversal will fail, that I find it very difficult to let myself get excited about things just in case nothing happens.

What helps me with this bleak perspective is that you just never know. Getting pregnant is not guaranteed for anyone, vasectomy reversal or not. Some people just can’t get pregnant.

You’re going to be jealous when you’re reading about that cute couple who got pregnant two months after their reversal surgery. Holy shitballs, and you’re still nervously waiting for the surgery or have been trying for months.


About the author: Gina Watson is a wife, stepmom and content creator behind How to Stepmom. In the spring of 2013 she moved from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to a small town in British Columbia, Canada to live with her, then, boyfriend and his two boys. Essentially, she became a stepmom overnight while leaving her family, friends and support system behind. When she came to the realization that online stepmom support groups lack real positive support and resources were hard to come by, she started sharing her story on How to Stepmom. Gina writes candidly about stepmom life, co-parenting and anything else she feels like on the blog. You can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. You chose to marry him. You KNEW he had a vasectomy and you CHOSE to marry him. This problem is all on YOU. You had many opportunities to end this relationship and find a man who DID want children and you didn’t.

    I don’t pity you. You wasted your time moaning about this.

    • Wow, a little harsh. All couples have issues to work out. You don’t always choose who you love. It is for them to work out as a couple but that doesn’t mean her feeling aren’t valid.

    • I agree completely with Sarah. People who think this is too harsh are too sensitive. there is nothing in this article about dating a man with a vasectomy that you nor i didn’t already know.

      “dating a man with a vasectomy : what people don’t tell you:

      He can’t have a kid!”
      wow i had no idea. thanks. if you already knew you wanted kids when you were dating how could you have not known this would happen.

    • I kind of agree with you but at the same time I don’t! Sometime men try to convince you that they are willing to do something because they see you willingness to make things work. Especially because this guy is coming to the relationship with kids and sees that his new mate is potentially a good stepmom. I went through marital consulting and my fiancé at the time and now husband convinced me he intentions was to get a reversal but now he is not stepping it up and does not seem to be as enthusiastic about it as he was when we were planning the wedding and engaged. Anything can happen a person can have a change of heart, a career change, not know if they will make a good parent and have any combinations of fears that may change there reasoning. Just like women always say “it’s your body, your choice” it applies to the man equally. And if the man decides he doesn’t want kids but you do then he will have to deal with whatever consequences come along from not wanting have children with you and the possibility you may go through the process without him.

    • Unless youve been in the situation you dont have a clue, go be rude else where I’m in this situation except we had a vasectomy reversal a year and a half ago and it failed i break down on the daily. You cant comment if youve never had this heartbreak

    • I feel in love with this great guy…. two months in he told me he had three kids… here’s the kicker… from three separate woman. I figured shit cards and he is a great guy. And than find out four months later he has had a vasectomy… okay I can deal… I buy a small farm which was my dream… no expense for him… and start building us a dream home… all my expense.. he puts his kids and his ex’s before our relationship… and he finally told me tonight why he had the procedure done… his ex didn’t want more kids… not his mothers kid… just some random. She booked it and he went… fuck me while I am writing this I need to get him out????🤦‍♀️

  2. That is an incredibly harsh comment and it is clear that it was made by someone who has not been faced with this. I was head over heels for my now husband who told me that he had a vasectomy because his ex-wife was pressuring him for another baby. We were only 30 and I was certain that I wanted children.

    What you can’t understand if you aren’t in this position, is that I know I made this choice and I know that ultimately, my husband is enough for me. I WANT more, but you don’t always get what you want. I got what I need – the love of my life. I am hopeful that we will make something work, but regardless of how hard it is and how much of an emotional roller coaster it is, he is worth it.

    Gina – Did you husband have the reversal?

    • I’m curious about Gina’s update, too! Did you hear from her?

  3. I adore mens wich they did vasectomy. I have pregnancy phobya and for me is very hard to find a men for long time because mostly they want kids. I want a men wich he did vasectomy.

  4. Clearly Sarah has never been in this situation and I’m not sure why she read the article. I am 37 with a 13 year old son, I am dating a 38 year old man with 3 kids, 3 baby mama’s (sorry the only way I know how to clarify it), and he had a vasectomy about 7 years ago after his last child with his ex-wife. He was tired of the baby mama dramas, family court and child support. I knew he had a vasectomy and I knew he didn’t want the “hassle” of kids anymore. He has older friends and wants to travel more. I wasn’t too concerned about having more kids because of my son’s age and the huge gap between him and a potential sibling. Being a single Mom, I focused on work and raising my son, then I looked up and most of my fertile years were behind me. It is a emotional turmoil and anyone that has been through it will understand. I don’t think this relationship will last too much longer but now I’m thinking where do I go from here?

  5. canweevergetitall Reply

    My fiancé of 6months has a 16 yr old daughter. He also had a vasectomy. Out of all the men I’ve dated, I truly feel like I’ve met the man of my dreams. I am in my mid thirties and we have what a lot of people consider a huge age gap. I don’t have any kids. But it’s an emotional roller coaster because, I don’t feel like I absolutely want to but there are several days when I wish the option would be left open for me too just to experience that at least one time. Hard to even know what I should do

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