The countdown to summer is always filled with excitement. Whole weeks of “free time” for the kids to play together, help out around the farm and no early mornings!

Reality hits about week 3 though, when you are reminded that just because you love all your kids equally, they may not feel the same way about their siblings, depending on the day.

No matter how many times I remind them “We don’t say hate,” it never seems to sink in.  I have two that will get along wonderfully, best of friends, only to turn on each other with barely a moments notice, starting the “argument of the decade.”

I have a third who just removes herself to her room.  She is bigger, and stronger than the others, and knows now the damage she can cause.

I was done shouting. I was done entertaining. I was done listening to the complaints.

We needed to find something that just might remind them they loved each other.

Enter the tent.

We set it up on the front lawn, thinking, brilliant idea! The kids can “camp out” here each night, they can have their own little fort set up during the day. It will be PERFECT!

The tent didn’t work.

Apparently the sister farts.  And little brothers feet touch her.
And the big kid still just went to her room.

Never one to fear failure, I tried again.
Enter Boss Baby.

We all LOVE movies right.. and the kids have been DESPERATE to see this one since it started counting down on iTunes. With the movie being released on July 24th, it is the perfect time to distract the kids from tearing each other apart during that “3rd hell week”

And the movie has a GREAT message.  Little siblings don’t take away any of your love, they just add to it. It shows the bond between siblings, and how, with a little time (and perhaps some powder toots from a baby bum) a relationship will build.

We family-movie-nighted that movie in a big way, and the kids had a moment, a brief, and beautiful moment, where they actually might have loved each other a little.

The movie is “lol” funny, and perfect as a mid-summer escape for the whole family, no matter how well your kids get along.

Disclosure: We were provided a copy to review but opinions are all ours.



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