We’ve all read those blog posts on “What I’ve Learned From My Kids” before, right?

This is nothing like them.

In true Daddy Anarchy style, here’s six things I’ve picked up from my quirky little three year old, Raylan.

Most adults wouldn’t agree with this. I for one, not only believe that underwear is important, but I can’t tell you how bent out of shape I get when I put my boxers on backwards. Raylan, however doesn’t see things this way. Out of all the kids in the house, he’s the only one that gets up on his own, and immediately gets dressed to start his day. He puts his shorts on, puts his shirt on (usually both backwards, but he doesn’t seem to notice), yet completely neglects the ole underwear. Yeppers, my three year old goes commando. Does it stop him from his normal activities like destroying the house and teasing the dogs? Absolutely not. Does he say that he “feels weird” not wearing any underwear? Nope. He bounces around like the floors are made of trampolines. Does he care what other people think? Not at all. He’s free as a bird. Sure, when he bends over, we all get a little show, but he could care less.

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