You know those days when your morning starts with cleaning up the garbage spilled from your bin by Evil Genius Raccoons and only improves slightly when you discover that your cat has been using your living room rug as her litter box (it is white, of course. The rug, not the cat). When you feel absolutely ecstatic to be hit by a period of tsunami-like proportions at the rec centre AND YOU HAVE NO TAMPONS?

That was my day yesterday. I was going to end this post with #FML when instead of saying “Fuck My Life” I decided to be grateful instead:

Grateful that it only took a few minutes (and a few retches) to clean up the garbage & get the bin to the curb on time.

Grateful that I was planning on getting a new living room rug anyway.

Grateful that I was wearing black pants AND a long sweater at the rec centre.

Grateful that my son now thinks that I lay giant red eggs every month (because
that’s just funny).

Grateful that the goddamn cat is 19 years old and isn’t going to live forever.

Grateful for my perfectly imperfect children.

Grateful for my many wonderful friends & crazy fantastic family.

Grateful for the possibility of love in my life once again.

And finally, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to spend time with my friends. They love, support, inspire, awe and shock me everyday. And I’m grateful for each and every one of them


Pam is a Vancouver-based mother of two who writes with honesty, humor & hope about her post-wife life at After working through a difficult separation and divorce. she now enjoys a enlightened co-parenting relationship with her former husband. She started to share her experiences and resources with others who may be going through a separation or divorce of their own.

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  1. That’s a great attitude Pam! I am grateful for you and the other blunties too! And that I don’t have a cat.

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