I am a grouchy old lady.

I am going to come clean on this one. I don’t understand big parties.

Recently I attended one and observed some stuff that has brought me to the conclusion that I am headed for hermitville.

Nobody wants to dance, yet there is a DJ with disco lights working his magic, ready for us to break out in Gangham Style. We just watch.

The music is too loud to talk. So we all stand around bopping to music and mumbling to each other. Leaning in and yelling “say that again?”

I watch my two friends (the ones I came with, and am rooming with at the hotel) talk on the couch and wonder why we don’t just go back to our room to chat? Does the music keep the conversation going?  Or is it the bar set up in this room of hundreds that encourages them to stay?

Hmmmm. As a non drinker I honestly can’t say.

So, why are we here?  Because we feel cool enough to be invited?  This old lady would rather be in her room, catching up on gossip I can actually hear, and spending quality time with my friends.

Am I the only one?




Brooke is a cyber mom on the go with twins in tow. Balancing her vision of a glamorous life with 3 kids and a budget, she is always on the lookout for something that will make her life easier, her house prettier, or her day a bit more sane.


  1. I get it. I really do get where you are coming from. That said I am the one hoping a few people drink enough to loosen their inhibitions to get on the dance floor so I can boogie too. It’s an itch I just can’t scratch enough. I promise, I’ll keep you off the guest list!

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