“Sister, you must come with me to the castle, the ball is about to start and we need to make sure all the people are dancing.”

“Oh yes, we must hurry before mommy calls us to lunch.”

“Pick up your dress and find your squirrel. I have the birds and Woody and Jessie. Lets go!”

I have four — count em, four! — daughters who are right in the thick of princessdom. Oh and did I mention that the last two are twins? Yup, twin 5-year-old princesses just to round out our kingdom over here. They live and breathe and eat like princesses. Right this very minute they’re sitting beside me dressed in full Princess Sofia gowns with all the critters and accessories – and, of course, prince Woody and princess Jessie, making pretend phone calls to the king at work.


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Tiffany has more kids than she has patience, more to-do lists than time and a wardrobe of yoga clothes that have never seen a yoga studio. In her spare time (HA) she blogs, runs, parents (double HA) and ponders what she wants to be when THEY grow up! MyDirt.ca - A personal journey to clean up her act.

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