hipstersI once met someone who works in my same field at a conference.  I recognized her name because I was googling people in my city to build a network for myself.  I was talking to her, hoping to build a community I could belong to, and asking how she networked.

“You have to dress the part” she told me.  “When I walk into a restaurant, people ask me who I am.  You have to be at the peak of fashion at all times”.

So, to make it clear, she isn’t known for her talents or skills, but because of the way she looks?  She didn’t look all that trendy to me, but she was wearing hipster wayfarer glasses. She then went on to tell me all about the friends she makes online, and what a big deal they are.  She was trying to elude to the fact that she was a big deal by association.

I don’t get it.

I got my hipster glasses, so I guess I am a big deal now.


Brooke is a cyber mom on the go with twins in tow. Balancing her vision of a glamorous life with 3 kids and a budget, she is always on the lookout for something that will make her life easier, her house prettier, or her day a bit more sane.


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