twitterMy grandmother was a racist. She used to walk right up to people that she did not consider to be “as Canadian as she was” (read: not white) and tell them to go “ back where they came from”.

Only problem was that her own parents weren’t born in this country.

But, this post isn’t about racism. This is about people forgetting where they came from.

I remember the first dollar that I made from my blog. It’s not laminated and pinned on the wall for all to see but I remember it none-the-less. I worked really hard for that dollar and every one since then.

I have sacrificed time with my family, missed out on some firsts and occasionally worked for free all in the name of marketing and growth.

My point?

Not everyone has 10,000 Twitter followers a PR Rank of 3 and can charge hundreds of dollars for one Sponsored Post. Or ever will.

However, everyone started out with 0 Twitter followers a PR Rank of N/A and $0 for an unsolicited post for an item that they purchased with their own money

We are all trying our best to eke out a living.

We all came from the same place.



My name isn't really Samantha but I always wished it was. It has a nice ring to it don't you think. Better than Francine. Oops.


  1. Truth. Everyone does their share of working for free, whether you’re directly working with a brand or not. Either way, you’re talking about SOMETHING for free. Hell, I talked about things for free for two years until I started to see real income from my blog. Well said (:

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