carnyIt’s that time of the year again! Our town is brimming with men in uniform.

They can be seen at the coffee shop, at the leisure centre, the library and the local Memorial Park. Anywhere really that has public restrooms.

They are sweaty, tanned and kind of rough around the edges. They wear their life of adventure like a well worn hoodie.

Some of them smoke and just look cool as their  red rimmed eyes follow you.

A look from them will make your heart race and quicken your pace.

Many fathers will sigh with relief when they pull our of town.

Ah the specimen that is the CARNIE!

Lock up your daughters because we all fell in love with a man in uniform once upon a time!


I am a professional in childcare and family management, very novice blogger and lover of wine. I am currently wrangling my own family of two crazy teens and a hubby wiith OCD and ADHD tendencies (the upside of that is a super clean house and meticulously folded laundry!). I also manage a family with four children under age twelve and two overworked parents, who are super lucky to have me. I tend to be quite bossy and love to tell people what they are doing wrong with their kids!


  1. Ha! We are totally inundated with carnies at the moment, too. It’s scary!!! So it the equipment they operate…

  2. A well built man with toned muscles does it for me every time. Forget locking up the daughters, I say lock up the wives.

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