reset my lifeWell today has just been one of those days…that followed another one of ‘them’ days which was a result of ‘that’ day.

Rewind a few weeks ago and I was employed full time for a company that I thought was kind of rockin…right up until they allowed one shady s.o.a.b (I’m being SUPER polite right now) to turn my world upside down (and about 5 others as well).

Why ever would someone want to do that?

Despite thinking that there are still a bunch of GOOD professionals in my field, I have come to the unfortunately blindsided conclusion, that most will do any (and every) thing they need to do in order to save their own wide butts, even at the expense of their team. Forget the fact that you have been a completely useless support system for not only myself, but the rest of the staff that I managed (and every other location I was in contact with). There is no need to get rid of people just because they voice their opinion and reach out to the HR department (so much for confidentiality) for the support that you are so completely not giving.

What has everyone, including someone IN HR, wondering is the why? When the numbers reflected positively for the first time in 2013 (despite being dumped in and left to sink or swim with all new people), I think I managed to keep afloat just fine by finding my own resources because you supplied –  NONE!

A message to the girls that all left:  “Thanks so much for being right…damnit!”.

Fast forward to present day and I have a few emotions going on.


Here’s Why!

– No matter where I apply people always want to contact a previous employer. This wouldn’t be a problem if I wasn’t dealing with a labour dispute for the complete lack of professionalism (she needs to look that word up) to me. Most won’t settle for speaking to the next best thing (my previous right hand woman) — apparently not good enough

– If I dumb down my resume so my qualifications aren’t so robust I am screwing myself out of the opportunities I could be enjoying

– I’m overqualified (I swear if I hear that word again I’m going to snap and just go homeless because if I don’t find a job that’s exactly what is going to happen) for all the positions that look great

– I’m not settling

Get into a new field of work? Bahaha that’s hilarious. Again I’m over qualified for jobs that I looked into that weren’t in that particular field. Again I will ultimately have to dumb down the resume which will in turn devalue my damn worth.

Screw it…I’m going into blogging again and praying to some blog goddess that it’s worth it…more wine anyone?


I'm a strongly opinionated spaz mom of 3 saying what everybody wants to but won't. A 30-something, over the top, crazy, witty, sarcastically hysterical fun loving chick just doin' her thing! I talk...a LOT, I laugh, I live and I love unconditionally. I'm unapologetically myself in almost every single way, I'm sassy and I am a woman. 'Nuff said!

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