Today I ran across the When Nature Calls campaign which aims to protect a mother’s right to breastfeed her baby in public. This campaign caught me by surprise becasue I was pretty sure we had that all figured out.  I never thought someone would harass or bother a Mom feeding her child. It’s not like we come over to you and ask you to help us with it, after all.

I am all for breastfeeding, and I am sending a message for all Moms who can and want to breastfeed. There is nothing wrong with you; there’s no reason whatsoever to hide while you are nursing your child.

From experience, I know only a few things are as hard as becoming good at breastfeeding. I was desperate at the very beginning, didn’t have a clue on what to do, and thought about quitting a dozen of times a day. And all my child wanted to do was glue herself to my boob and stay there. I really had to work on it to get the hang of it, not be cringing and pulling my hair in frustration when it was feeding time.  

What with the newborn, all the hormones raging, and having a baby attached to me, I had enough problems of my own. I really wouldn’t be able to handle someone coming over and telling me to go hide while trying to keep my baby happy and sated.  No, once I mastered breastfeeding, I wasn’t going to let anyone put me back into a corner. Literally, nobody puts baby in the corner.

Honestly, at first I thought something was wrong with my kid. No one ever told me that once you get one, they immediately latch on and pretty much stay there for the reminder of a year. I asked paediatricians, I Googled, I consulted my Mom and everyone told me a different rule, it was 15 minutes on one then 15 on the other, then nothing for three hours, then just one and after a while do the other…. Finally I’ve had it, following someone else’s rules made me cranky and my child upset. Thus I nursed her when she wanted, for as long as she wanted. Yes, I thought, I am not denying myself simple pleasures like enjoying a cup of tea at a café or sitting in a park or having lunch at the restaurant, being served,while serving, letting someone else take care of me for a second. To stay sane, I needed people and staying in touch with the adult world.

Now, if you kept staring, you were bound to see something, but it’s just the nature of things. Nursing a child is normal. Mother Nature intended us to feed our children this way, as my food comes from my breast and not my neck that’s where I have to place my child. And before entering the public arena I have mastered it and do it almost effortlessly, with nothing to really see. I always did it discreetly. Trust me, I don’t want anyone seeing anything they are not supposed to.

Even so, how can a breastfeeding Mom be considered corruptive to anyone in this day and age? There are music videos of 16 year old pop stars parading around almost naked. How is a baby feeding in public even a problem? I was never ashamed; I was proud of my body’s ability to be able to sustain a life. I never hid in a dirty restroom, small corner, in my own room or wherever else someone thought would be appropriate. Trust me, I’d have a lot to say to a person even suggestion it and making me feel bad about it.

I want you all to persevere with the public breastfeeding, if you can; the benefits for both the baby and you are countless. You are doing the right thing, but it makes me a little sad to find out that a campaign for public approval is needed in the first place. 


I'm a thirty-something (let's not get into that), mother of two always on the move girls, and married to a husband in love with photography. We love to discover the world. Born in Slovenia of Croatian descent and most probably all English in one of my past lives I am not able to stay put for too long. Luckily the same goes for the rest of my bunch. I love to read, need to write and then share it all on my blog. Well, perhaps not all... maybe.


  1. Right on! I’ve breastfed both my kids, unabashedly, and still nursing my 2.5 year old, though he’s nearly done. I sometimes used a hand to cover up but only for my own comfort, not for anyone else’s. Do what makes sense for you and your family, and don’t let other people’s opinions stop you. Most of the time I felt supported or at least ignored, but whenever I felt a stare of judgement coming my way, I stared back 🙂

  2. Leslieknope Reply

    Yay for breastfeeding! I have literally worn low cut dresses in college that expose my breasts more than when I breastfeed in public! I feed my child anywhere at anytime. I love it and anyone who actually thinks it’s inappropriate to do in public is just a loser. Thanks for this article! Loved it!

  3. It makes me sad that we need campaigns for public breastfeeding too, but I can honestly say that in my experience it’s absolutely necessary. I think I’ve been a “modest nurser”. I don’t wear the tents but I don’t leave my breasts exposed unnecessarily either and I’ve been asked/told more than once to leave public places. I’ve had complete strangers comment that my son is too old to be nursing (when he was 9 months) and I’ve been on the receiving end of more glares and dirty looks than I can count. I really hope attitudes change. As you so beautifully illustrated, nursing is hard enough without having to deal with judgement from other people.

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