Do I really need an alert from my local news station app that social media is down, in particular Facebook and Instagram? Apparently I do, but I also need updates on the status of this heart wrenching catastrophe. WTF? Like really, WHAT. THE. FRENCH FRY.

What is this world coming to when a local news station — yes, a NEWS station, which is supposed to deliver only the utterly important information that us lay-folk need to get us through our days — truly believes in the imperativeness of notifying me that I can’t access my friends’ latest status updates, check-ins, or that their filtered pictures are not available?

I have to admit that the inability to make a status update to my business page had me cursing my iPhone, Facebook, Mr. Zuckerberg, the dog, my husband, the coffee cup…you get my point. What in the world would my readers do if I didn’t make a social media post within the hour. They would all leave me and my page, and blacklist me from their newsfeed, right? And my dear friends — the ones that care so very much about what I am doing each minute of my day — what would they do if they could not get the chance to scroll through their newsfeed and view a well-filtered, extremely planned, and forced image of my beautiful, wiped-clean, happy and smiling children?


Seriously, our (yes, I am including myself in this) addiction to our virtual lives and social media presence is worth a pile of vomit. Gross right, that I would phrase it like that, but all kidding aside, our cell phone and social media fixation is gross. Truthfully, it makes us all look childish, immature, and a bit unintelligent. We can have real conversations, with real people, verbally and not digitally.

I wonder when I’ll start enjoying that again…? Not anytime soon, I suppose. Unless that is until Facebook and Instagram crap out again…

Nicole Merritt is the Owner and Founder of jthreeNMe; a raw, honest, inspirational and humorous peek at real-life parenting, marriage and self-improvement. Nicole is a mother of three under the age of six and her work has been featured by BLUNTmoms, Scary Mommy and The Good Men Project.
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