gay pride in canda

It’s Gay Pride week in Toronto.  Sunday is the Pride parade. Most of us, however, just call it PRIDE.

Each year PRIDE brings with it its fair share of controversy.  Last year it is because our Mayor refused to go to the parade; this year’s controversy involves a written threat made against the event itself, as well as to Ontario’s first openly gay Premier.

From a legal and social perspective, Canada is a safe haven for gay couples who want to get married. We welcome gay marriages, gay parents, and heck, gay provincial Premiers.  I even know an openly gay Anglican minister and an openly gay high school principal.

Oh, and I have a friend who is a police sergeant – he’s gay too.

Gosh, we are super liberated!

We’ve come so far.

I challenge us to go ever farther.

How ‘bout we drop the gay?

I’m married – but I’ve never felt the need to say that I’m involved in a ‘straight’ marriage. I’ve never heard anyone introduce me as a ‘straight’ mom.  I went to 3 weddings last year and two were gay weddings. I didn’t feel a need to mention the third.

If we are shooting for equality for all of our gay friends and family, I propose we just call them what they are –

couples, married, moms, dads, bankers, ministers, principals, police officers, our family, our boss, our neighbor, our friend.

Do you think we, as a society, are ready for that?

It is something to ponder, but in the meantime, I’m going to a parade.  It is going to be spectacular!

It’s time to cheer on some friends.


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  1. I don’t really get the point of the pride parades anymore. Orientation isn’t some kind of achievement. Should I be proud I was born with blue eyes? Maybe throw a parade for all the other people with blue eyes? I think it’s more just an excuse to party now and I can totally get behind that. However, if you really want to stop people identifying gay folks as different then not having parades that celebrate otherness might not be a bad idea. Think of how crazy a straight pride parade would seem. Maybe a different kind of celebration for all instead – like Carnivale – crazy fun, no labels required.

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