Do you have any big Easter plans for you and your bunnies? I HAD a really easy, super foolproof plan. That plan involved swinging by the Easter section at Wal-Mart and firing a giant bucket of their candy-coated chocolate eggs into my cart. Once I hid those on Easter morning that should have bought me at least an hour of quiet coffee sipping before she found them, inhaled them, and then tore apart the apartment in a Hulk-like intensity for any eggs missed on the first sweep.

But when I got home, what did my little helper fish out of the bags immediately before I could think to hide them? You know it – the eggs. I have no intention of letting that hour of quiet time slip away from me so easily. I need a brand new, super duper and super easy solution. And ideally something with a lower sugar content since I’ve just gotten a sneak preview of what Sunday afternoon is going to look like. 

Luckily I have time to go back to Wal-Mart and pick out something less harmful to her blood stream – one of these super fun (and super funny) Rabbids Invasion toys. They are pure awesome ridiculousness.


If you haven’t seen it, Rabbids Invasion is a kid’s show on Nickelodeon: “We don’t know where they came from. We don’t know how they got here. But we do know this: they’re here to play! Rabbids are curious little creatures…”

Mega curious! Those eyes! Those ears! The teeth! The laughter!

(Truth be told, tt reminds me a lot of looking in a mirror on a child-free Saturday night.)

Even though I know my kid (and husband) would love shooting me with the Plunger Sound Blaster, my favourite by far is the Super Bwah Plush. (He’s waving hello!)

For the name alone, you’re going to want to look at Chicken Surprise & Plunger Face Sound and Action Figures.

As far as cuddle factor, I want three of the Easter Rabbid Teeth Plush to snuggle with tonight. Please? (The whole line is super affordable so three is totally practical..)

So there’s my new plan. A bucket of bunnies that will make us both smile every time we see them. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that I got busted. Now I know that if you’re going to give Easter gifts, it benefits the whole family if you choose ones that can spark some imagination and laughter, versus a good old sugar crash.

Check out the whole line of Rabbids Invasion toys at your nearest Wal-Mart.

(This is a Sponsored Post for Wal-Mart, but all opinions are my own.)


Brooke Takhar is a Vancouver-based mama to one goon and busy body to all. She loves the Internet, glittery nail polish, over-sharing and teaching her kid outdated dance moves. If you really love her, you'll fight in public.

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