Lately, I have been inundated with invitations for “leggings” parties both live and online. My 30 something friends just can’t get enough of these festive fashion-forward wardrobe staples. Recently, curiosity got the best of me and I accepted an invitation to a party in a young neighbor’s living room. Details of my experience are sketchy, as I think I blacked out briefly after being hit in the face with monumental  sensory overload, including a kaleidoscope of colors, booze and giddy women. While standing in a room full of young moms wearing patterned leggings and loose tops, buying more, more, more….all I could think was “When did Gymboree start making clothes for grownups?” Let me tell you, no amount of wine poured at these parties will make me look good in pink paisley patterned leggings. Don’t get me wrong, they look great on the younger set.

After all, they’re fun! they’re comfy! But here are a few reasons why LuLaRoe is a big Lu-La-No for me.

1. I’m at the end of my 40’s and while in some ways I’ve never felt better about myself, let’s just say that on my Oprah-inspired journey to becoming my ” best self”, my “baggage” contents have shifted in flight. Gravity has taken over and things just aren’t where they used to be. … and by things, I mean all of my body parts, especially the jiggly ones. Sure, a pretty patterned sausage casing might help re-distribute things back to their original and upright position, but that’s not a chance I’m willing to take.

2. I’m a fitness instructor and I should be comfortable in my skin and really, I am. Which is why I feel I need for the generation behind me to understand my plight. To me, spandex represents exercise, workouts, Jane Fonda (Google her) and Xanadu (Google that). I grew up “getting physical” with Olivia Newtown-John (Google her too) while wearing spandex. So I hope you’ll understand that in my mind, just because I “can” wear spandex to the dentist and the grocery store doesn’t mean I “should”.  

3. The late ‘80s and early ‘90s were my heyday….you know: stirrup pants tucked into slouchy socks, tucked into Reebok Princess high top sneakers with the epic Firenze shaker knit sweater on top . That uniform was awesome in college because it meant comfort every day, 24/7, and was especially accommodating while guzzling beer and chowing on chips and dip from 7-Eleven. However this comfort came with a price when the dreaded junior year internship interview rolled around and I realized just how many pounds I packed on when my skirt wouldn’t zip and jacket wouldn’t button. Leggings are just a scary reminder of those days and the David Copperfield illusion they created which eventually led to my tragic fashion downfall. Nobody should suffer the horror of being interviewed with their pants unbuttoned. Trust me on this.

4) Pregnancy. Ok, I gave birth 3 times before maternity clothes became cool and form-fitting. Mine were frumpy and flowy.  The idea of a “belly belt” so you can wear your pre-prego pants just sounds crazy to me.  I couldn’t get my regular jeans over my knees by the 5th month. These new patterned leggings are paired with loose, long tunic tops…..agghhh!!!

Anytime I wear a loose top I question “Do I look pregnant?”  I asked my husband recently, to which he laughed, “Yeah right, those wrinkles and dark spots are screaming ‘I’m still open for business!’. No dear, you do not look pregnant, you just look stupid”.  Point well taken. While I may not look pregnant, I’d rather not wear something that triggers memories of swollen feet, mood swings and frantic trips to CinnaBon.
So, my dear legging selling friends, while I wish you continued success in spreading comfort and joy throughout suburbia, unless I want to surgically remove the suitcase and carry-on from my backside, I will have to sit this fashion trend out.


About the author: Laura Buchinsky is a part-time Resume Writer and Zumba and Barre Instructor as well as a stay at home mom of three girls.  Humor keeps me sane. You can follow her on Facebook.


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  1. I hate to be that person, but did you try on any of the dresses or skirts? I am not comfortable in my post baby body, and a lot of that reason is because nothing fits me any more. Date nights and family outings were sooooo hard on me because I had nothing I felt comfortable in, and would practically have a panic attack trying to get ready. Then I found Lularoe, and while I am still a little uncomfortable with leggings(I do have a small stash, because darn it, they are FUN!) my real love lies with a dress called Amelia and skirts called Lola and Azure. The first time I tried the Amelia, I walked to the mirror fully prepared for disappointment, but (shocker) I loved the way I looked! And that feels nice! AND, I get compliments from random strangers all the time! I know I know, I shouldn’t need validation from people I don’t even know, but I tell you what, it feels good to feel good and have someone else recognize it! To get to my point, leggings may not be for you, but Lularoe is so much more than leggings! I encourage you to try it out!

      • Me too!!! This is a horrible fashion trend and looks mostly like maternity clothing. I realize there are dresses and tops … not just leggings, but the wild mix of patterns are hideous. I could make black lularoe work, I think. Have you seen the many, many youtube videos for this stuff? Crazy town. Layer all the prints and cover your thighs. Scary.

        • Omg…thank you!! These crazy patterned leggings and all the over sized tops have GOT to be the least flattering thing a woman can wear. Im all about comfort when Im doing house work, working in the yard, binging on Netflix etc…but wearing these get-ups as “going out” clothing, just makes me shake my head. Im a mom, but I still want to look and FEEL sexy!! There is nothing sexy or flattering to a woman’s shape about these clothes. The author said it perfectly, LuLaRoe looks like a childrens clothing line…I just dont understand how a grown woman wants to wear pants covered in jelly beans and ladybugs?? Kudos to those who are in love with this stuff, its just not for me. Maybe I’ll try them when Im a grandma, until then, no thank you.

  2. Oh my gosh, “it looks like Gymboree for grown ups” was my first thought. I could have written this column word for word! The shaker knit sweater, slouch socks, stirrup pants and high top reeboks was my uniform in college. But now I think I would look ridiculous in form fitting leggings. I like leggings under a dress or a long top with high boots, but I think the oversized tops look kind of sloppy, and these middle-aged, post partum thighs were not meant to be seen stuffed into fuchsia and orange zigzag swirly lightening bolt spandex.
    I think the skirts and dresses are really cute and might try one, but I don’t want to get sucked into the lularoe facebook cult. I know three people who are obsessed with this stuff and when someone mentions it they get all wild eyed and crazy like someone on bath salts, and start shoving leggings in your face and shouting “feel it! feel it!” Then their eyes glaze over like they just caught the Holy Spirit at a tent revival, while they swoon over pattern/color combinations.
    Cute clothes, but frankly I’m a little scared.

  3. Great to know I’m not the only person wondering why other women go “giddy” crazy over these hideously loud clothes! It’s funny for me to watch grown women go so gaga over them lol. I have yet to see the appeal and what makes this brand so special. When I gently ask a lularoe cult follower this question, they just keep repeating “they’re so soft! So soft!”… um, ok?! I must be too blinded by the giantly weird patterns to understand. Even on the fittest of women, i don’t think these clothes warrant such a craze and quite frankly the style of pieces look very old fashioned to me. But to each their own. It’s just super weird to me the obsession I see over it. #find_a_new_hobby

  4. I would also add, the NAME! “Lularoe?” The sound of it makes me want to lulapuke.

    • It’s the woman who started the company’s granddaughters names. Lucy La?- i forget her name and then Monroe. LuLaRoe.

      Great name I think! 😀

  5. I love this! I am in my late 30s so I was in elementary school in the 80s when I was wearing leggings and stirrup pants with oversized shirts. I don’t want to dress like I did in 5th grade. I have no doubt that these clothes are comfortable but they look ridiculous and they’re not half as flattering as people think they are.

  6. WhyYouGottaBeLikeThat Reply

    I about died the first time I saw a friend dressed in LLR. Floral print leggings and a “perfect” tee — she looked like a 40 year old toddler.

    Since then, SO many of my friends have drunk the LLR Kool-Aid, buying up sack dresses (the Carly is universally unflattering) and leggings in hideous prints. If looking sloppy is in, I’ll happily be out of style.

    Plus the sales model is awful. See a pattern or style you like? Grab it the second you see it or you’re SOL. You can try finding your “unicorn” on eBay or Poshmark but that’s after a significant price hike.

  7. THANK YOU, all I wanted was a pair of black leggings, you would think in a country founded on buying and selling goods. I could just ask for what I need, pay for them, and go on my merry way. No, I don’t want to sit by the computer for 2 hours, while you open a box and post the tacky stuff that comes out, NONE of which is in my size. Also, the STUPID pop up sales, annoying!!! Can’t these people do like the other direct sales companies and have a catalog. For the LOVE OF GOD!!! I can’t, I hate them all!

    • I LOVe you. I have been thinking that exact same things even since I’ve been “invited” to countless “parties”…these are grown ass women fighting over hideous, overpriced leggings and gaudy dresses….and there’s no appetizer or booze. Count me out. I’m going to TJMaxx with a bottle of wine and saving myself from some serious fashion faux pas, saving my wallet, and at least enjoying myself. Fuck lularoe “parties” and there incessent posts and crappy jersey knit, frumpy, toddler prints! Ugh.

      • I’m so glad I’m not alone! I was at ToysRUS yesterday and completely mortified when I saw a mom and her 4 yr old wearing matching outfits from lulularoe. Life is not about being comfy all the time plus it’s so weird. I’m not spending 45.00 on horrid leggings when I can buy a nice pair of dark classic denim jeans plus a cardigan from the gap or Banana Republic. Plus if I’m running around in “comfy clothes” you can bet your but I just got done at the gym and haven’t been home yet…. However you’re entitled to wear what you’d and that’s my personal opinion, I’ve never been a follower and always loved classic clothes. Glad I’m not alone and comfort will never make me get leggings my 9 yr old would love. 😉

  8. Thank YOU for this! I’m 45 and most of my friends/kids’ friends seem to be anywhere from 5-20yrs younger than me… And they rave, rave, RAVE about Lularoe leggings , blah, blah, blah… And I just. can. NOT! So again, THANK YOU! I just had to share on my FB timeline!

  9. I got caught up in the holiday legging craze. Not that I would sport them publicly, but introduced to the fad, I admit I wanted a couple of prints for home use. After the obnoxious fighting on Facebook (similar to the Cabbage Patch Kids in the 80’s), I turned to Ebay for them. It’s just downright insane. Currently, there is a pair with a buy it now price of $500.


    I don’t think anyone will see any fashion improvement between those and the leggings that cost ten dollars. In fact, I found a few leggings listed on Amazon that made me look equally as bad as the LuLaRoe brand, for much less. I’m satisfied with my moment of cray-cray.

  10. Yesssss. I’m actually convinced that leggings make you fat. Kinda like a goldfish given a bigger tank… When given room to expand, it will! So will your thighs and butt in some LuLaHellNo. I’ll stick to my regular pants. If they’re starting to feel tight I can throttle back on the food consumption or scale up the working out. Also LuLaRoe, STOP claiming that your leggings have a yoga band. They DO NOT. Two pieces of elastic connected by another piece of fabric is not a yoga band. If you have any excess chunk in your midsection it’s gonna make you look like you’re wearing a tire when you sit down .

    • yes! “I’m actually convinced that leggings make you fat. Kinda like a goldfish given a bigger tank…” hilariously true!

    • I’m sorry but WHAT about the goldfish? Goldfish live 20 years and need large tanks. You don’t stunt the growth of your fish because you’re SELFISH and don’t want it to get big.

      And you’re an adult? LOL

  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one that can’t stand these leggings. It’s another “fad”…just like 31 bags, home interior, scentsy, pink zebra, party lite, jewelry, tupperware etc….Grew up invited to most of these parties. It’s a money maker and people get sucked into it. I did too until I realized how stupid it is…and how much money I was spending. In a few months, something else will come along and people will forget about the leggings. I don’t understand the leggings. If you are thin with skinny legs, they look semi ok.. I’ve seen women wearing the light colored leggings with no underwear underneath. You can see every bulge and pucker in their thighs and butts…plus their butts jiggle as they walk. It is quite noticeable and gross!! I get embarrassed for them. Just because it is the latest craze doesn’t mean everyone is fit to wear them. It’s even more embarrassing when you see over weight women wearing them…it makes them look bigger and the colors are horrid. People look like a walking circus. Teenagers could probably get away with wearing them, but older women just look terrible. Can’t wait for that fashion nightmare to go away. I would never even tempt to wear something like that. I know how horrible I would look wearing them and I’m not even half the size of the women I see wearing them.

      • Oh let me guess, you sell these ugly pieces of junk? Put down the Kool Aid.

    • I think realistic floral print leggings are lovely with boots and a dress. No matter what anyone wears, someone out there will find it unattractive. Why not wear what you like? It used to be unheard of for a woman to wear slacks in the work place.. hell, it used to be unheard of and unattractive for women to wear pants at all. As long as peoples’ clothing is sized properly, what’s the harm?

  12. This type of clothing is definitely not my style. I bought them for my daughter when she was a child. While they look cute on kids, these clothes definitely scream lack of self confidence for women. You’ve been through many challenges, I am sure. I am not going to hide myself in color wrapping paper clothing. I am elegant, refined and proud of who I am at almost age 50. Even if I am a few poundspots overweight; so what!!! Why settle for a sack of a dress that does nothing for your appearance! It really doesn’t matter how big or small we women are, take pride in how you look. Enhance your beauty not bury yourself in a pile of printed fabric.

  13. I was recently invited to a pop up sale on Facebook. One of my old friends from high school ( we graduated 23 years ago so she is beyond the age for wearing spandex) is obsessed with these leggings. How could anyone like the patterns? And if I wanted to look like a sausage, I could do it for much cheaper than these overpriced ugly clothes.

  14. My daughter (31) is into LulaRoe. I have fun looking at the different patterns with her. She looks great in them. She kept saying “get some mom”. I’m 60, and I won a pair. Not a pair I would have picked out for myself but a chance to try them. I weigh about 210 (down from 307) and while they are comfortable, I just don’t feel that they are right for someone my age and weight. My daughter and a couple of LulaRoe consultants say that they are perfect for the “more mature lady”. Nah! Even if I was slim, I still say I’m too old and look ridiculous in them. Since I didn’t pay for mine, I don’t have a problem with wearing them to bed. Just a fad, that will just run its course. And…might I add…there just some women who really shouldn’t wear leggings. They just shouldn’t.

  15. Either you had a poor consultant leading the party you attended or you obviously didn’t stick around very long to see that LuLaRoe (named after Lucy, Lola and Monroe, the founders three grand-daughters) is much, much more than leggings and tunic tops. In fact, the found piece for the company was the maxi skirt, not leggings. LuLaRoe carries, an entire line of clothing including dresses, skirts, sweaters, shawls and kimonos. Plus, men’s shirts and super functional kids clothing which due to LuLaRoe’s unique sizing can be worn for at least a year, probably two. What parent doesn’t love that value when they are faced with swapping out clothing for there kiddos 2-4 times a year depending on age and growth spurts . Perhaps instead of sounding incredibly uneducated and rude, insulting the people who not only work incredibly hard to create this amazing line of clothing that is changing people’s lives, but also the people who work hard to sell it in order to provide for their families, you should either “say nothing at all” or seriously give it a try with the right consultant.

    • Rude, but NOT Uneducated Reply

      Dear “Annoymous” (sic),
      Yes, an entire line of ugly, frumpy, overpriced clothing. The only thing that’s changing about people’s lives is that their bank accounts are being drained unnecessarily . You don’t own your own business and you aren’t doing right by your family. You’ve been sucked into a rabbit hole of MLM. Good luck with that.

    • Yeah, no. People should speak out against the hideousness. I can spot a LLR from a mile away. Some of the most horrific looking pieces of poorly constructed clothing I have ever seen in my life. Print patterns cut and sewn in ways that makes my eyes bleed. Women that used to look lovely in their normal clothes now look like a frumpy hot mess in their LLR outfits. No, no, no…’s a fad that should die ASAP. New consultants pop up every single second of every single day, and somehow I manage to get included in these bizarre frenzy shopping groups that drive me bat shit crazy. I happen to love my comfy clothes. I wear leggings almost every single day. I shop at JJill. Talk about the best leggings ever…..and I manage to continue to look like a normal grown adult woman in her early 40’s. Rather than a giant aging toddler. Loved the article, love that people are willing to speak out against the atrocity!

    • Susan Hammond Reply

      You sure drank the Koolaid. Also, posting anonymously about leggings is hilarious. Are you a pyramid scheme consultant? Hmmmm. Also, leggings and maxi skirts do not change people’s lives. Try fostering a dog or feeding the homeless, that might change your priorities.

  16. Yes! Jeans are my way of keeping my weight in check. When my jeans are getting too tight, they’re telling me, “whooah girl, slow down.” With leggings it’s comfort, comfort, comfort, and when I put jeans back on I’m left wondering when the weight gain happened. Also I’m tired of seeing everyone’s butts and I don’t want to encourage this trend.

  17. Stumbled on this blog, because I just don’t get it! Who cares if they’re soft? Lots of leggings are soft! The leggings are sooooooooo loud and ugly! I can’t believe all the different women around my area who sell this stuff. How could they possibly make money? This seems like a fad that will peter out quickly, and there are a bunch of moms who aren’t going to have an income stream. (And don’t even get me going on essential oils. What a crock.)

  18. LuLuRoe is not just leggings and baggy tops!!! I’m 61 years old, and when my daughter-in-law invited me to a LuLuRoe party, I didn’t want to go because I didn’t think there would be anything for me. She encouraged me to come even if I didn’t buy anything. I ended up buying a kimono-type top as well as a t-shirt. I went to another LuLuRoe party a few months ago and got a sweater. The clothes are comfy, and I always get compliments when I wear them.

  19. I swear it’s like you just read my mind, but had the guts to make everyone you know sending you these invites look like idiots. When I saw these leggings I immediately thought that they looked like oversized children’s leggings. I literally have co-workers wearing them to the office, and borrowing them from each other remarking on how despite their difference in size they can still swap. Like the sisterhood of the traveling pants they seem to have found some camaraderie in it. It’s great. I mean I don’t knock women bonding, I just can’t subscribe to this form of it and I feel like I’m stuck in an episode of twilight zone. I find myself silently smiling as my head makes an obligatory nod as they ramble about how universal and amazing these things are. Maybe I’m missing out. Mostly I’m only disappointed I have too much integrity to propegate my own pyramid/home sales scheme.

  20. Thank goodness someone else sees this “trend” for what it is!! Ugh!
    All these young girls that invite me to there lularoe parties are too sweet for me to tell them they are wearing my mom’s maternity outfits! Thanks for a place to vent.

  21. This article was written with class and respect. It makes me sad how nasty women really can be, though, as displayed by the haughty comments on this article.

    LuLaRoe wasn’t made for women who love shopping, or have an easy time finding things that fit them when they do go shopping. It’s for the rest of us. Who have been left behind by the clothing industry for, well, EVER. Finally, someone in the cloth heavens heard my fat, squatty ass and made clothes that I can wear without feeling like a Walmart dump truck. I was getting so depressed with how I was forced to look, because at 4’11 & a size 18, the price of NOT looking dumpy far outweighs the $$ of LLR.

    The leggings are just icing on the cake. The Perfect Tee? Make fun of it, haha, so funny, you look like a toddler. Awesome. Thanks for your nasty opinion. But I have not found a single top that I feel comfortable in in YEARS until the Perfect freaking Tee. FINALLY. A top for MY body. My weird, annoying, apparently painfully unusual body that NO ONE SEEMED TO CARE ABOUT until…LuLaRoe. Now I can finally walk around without feeling like every gross unsightly part of my midsection is being displayed improperly in one damn way or another. I don’t have to live like that anymore. I can LOVE how I look in my clothes for the first time since my early 20’s.

    The cardigans are also BRILLIANT. Covering my tire & back fat has never been so cute. You know how long I have SCOURED THE FREAKING INTERNET for a cute duster cardigan that I could buy in a few different colors, IN PLUS SIZE? Yeah, just forget it. Oh, except LULAROE. The Sarah & Joy — I wear them every. single. day. I don’t have to feel exposed and grossed out by what I am forced to reveal to the world at large because I can’t find the clothing I want to cover myself how I WANT TO BE COVERED. Because LuLaRoe.

    Not to mention, as I’m settling into my love of LuLa, I find myself collecting a small (but not tiny, lol) group of consultants that I love. Sometimes I love the consultant’s inventory, sometimes the community of people within their group, and sometimes I just love the consultant personally. I find myself drawn to want to support these specific families as & when I can. I want to see them meet their goals, and I love contributing to that. I don’t get the same return when I buy from Lane Bryant or Macy’s, you know? I like being closer to the blessings. I like being a PART of someone’s story, and make them a part of mine. Those are good stories to be parts of. Can’t say the same for big box store purchases.

    So there is quite a bit more to LuLaRoe than leggings. 🙂 It’s not for everyone, but there everyone who believes in the empowerment of women SHOULD cheer those of us on who are finding blessings here. Haters to the damn left.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. Exactly how I’ve felt for a long time in clothes. Going to a department store and trying on 40 different things(while sweating to death) only to find 2 pieces that i can live with. Now i want to try the Sarah & Joy!

    • I so appreciated your comment! Thank you for being transparent and sharing your heart! I agree with you 100%!

    • I can agree with you because I am petite( as in even short petite skinny jeans are too long on me; small long sleeve shirts, the sleeves go past my hand) and I found that Lularoe’s size of xxs is perfect for me. I do not have to make any alterations. I love the Julias and Nicoles and Lynnaes’s. However, many of the women need to be advised because the outfits they put together look terrible. Also, wearing leggings with just a shirt thrown on to go eat at a restaurant looks pretty tacky. Leggings are meant for working out, lounging around the house or worn under a dress.

  22. You are rude, judgie…and to be frank…who’s party did you go to. I bought a slinky, sexy patterned dress last night at a Luluroe party. The woman who sold it to me? Yeah, she is an educated fashion merchandiser who worked in the industry as a stylist. There aren’t just leggings…but skirts, dresses, tops. We spent hours picking out fashion forward outfits that women who are professionals…realtors, teachers, a college professor and women in the hospitality industry will be wearing to work. So go ahead, ridicule other women. You aren’t a blunt blogger. You aren’t funny. You are mean.

    • I read all the comments and am responding to many: I am a 37-year old, with three children, and I am a size 2. So first, I am not fat. To say that leggings are for “fat” people is absurd. I initially wanted to know what the leggings were all about and although I have plenty, I am more interested in the dresses and skirts (which I wear to my office at work and are actually pretty form-fitting) It is absolutely fine to not like something, we are all different, unique, and have our own thoughts on things. But to be disrespectful and bash on other women because you think “they look ridiculous” only makes you look ridiculous, and honestly exhibits hostility and jealousy. So you do not like it?… great, don’t wear it. Don’t understand it?…fine. Hate it? Who cares! I look amazing in it. I look professional, sexy–yet modest, and I am pretty certain other woman feel just as amazing in it, in fact I know so. We do not care what you think we “look like” when we are “a mile away”, or “walking down the street”. We are out there feeling great and do not require confidence boosts from you or anyone. We are focused on killin’ it in our careers, raising our families, and lookin’ good while doing it. And yeah, we do look good, real good!

  23. I’m not a consuItant but a buyer of LuLaRoe. I am closer to fifty than forty so I identify with the 80’s. I wish I had tried stirrup pants back then. Instead, I stuffed myself in size six jeans when I should have been in a nine. I thought size nine jeans were fat because of Jane Fonda and the many other people around me. Needless to say, I have never had a good body imagine even when I starved myself into a size four.

    Last year LuLaRoe came into my life. I felt proud of my appearance for the first time in my life. I had all but given up even trying to look attractive. I went to my first party wearing baggy shorts down past my knees and tops that were three sizes too big. When I tried on my first skirt (Cassie) and top (Perfect T), it was life changing. I looked in the mirror and was shocked at the difference. I look forward to going out now. I’m proud of myself for the first time in my life. I don’t wear the really crazy stuff because I don’t feel comfortable with it. I wrote all this out to help you and others understand why it has such a big pull on some people.

  24. I seriously don’t understand this… I think even the skirts have way too much fabric and do not flatter anyone’s body. I too was a young mother struggling with post baby body issues, and this may have been an option for running to preschool or the grocery store, but it is all over at the HIGH SCHOOL I work at. I always thought they looked like grranimals for women. Should adult women be wearing pants with balloons and apple slices…in the workplace? I’m really ready to have some fashion return to my work environment. And, logging on to Facebook without 50 party invites would be a nice change.

  25. I’m not a Mom, but my own pointed out how LulaRoe looks like toddler clothes. Not to mention, I never heard of them until I was around the suburbs more(formerly lived in the city) this kind of dumb little fashion trend doesn’t even register in places like New York. It’s for bored(and lame) people that unfortunately live in the suburbs or middle America.

  26. Couldnt agree more! I was in a business meeting with a woman wearing garish leggings and I thought it looked like she was going to work out. Horrible fad!

  27. Funny post.

    Hey, if people can make bucks selling these things, they should definitely go for it. I would rather be condemned to Tupperware hell than go to a party that sells weird looking leggings.

  28. After a recent invite through facebook, having never heard of Lularoe, I accepted thinking “I could use a new spatula, covered bowl set or maybe even a spiffy new fangled crepe pan”..
    Then, to my utter dismay, when I decided to get ahead of the game & see what kind of products I should add to the definitely need, eh maybe & I might be able to use that gadget list..oh no!
    It’s clothing. A hideous disarray of brightly patterned, mismatched outfits, thrown together in such a way to scream ‘laundry day’ and this, this outfit here, is all the clean clothes I could cobble together to be seen in public.
    The dresses, a few of the skirts, though cute, I was assured could be purchased in the desired size, but..and there’s a HUGE friend assured me that once she placed the order, it was up to the company to choose what pattern I should be strutting in.
    “WHAT”?!? No! Some of the patterns are beyond ugly. Why on earth would I want to be bedecked in a striped, lime green, red pok-a-dot, jungle elephant maxi dress. That, sadly, wasn’t the worst of the prints I may have had the the privilege of paying for, only to never wear.

  29. I absolutely love this and agree…I bought some and now feel like I have joined a mom cult

  30. Great article! I am happy to have found you, Blunt Moms! I signed up to receive your emails and I am looking forward to reading more.

  31. Nope. These are not for petites. I have a 26″ inseam, none of the leggings are even close to fitting. The kid ones are strictly for kids, not for a shorter grownup with hips. Ever see leggings that are rolled up 7 inches at the ankle? I am a sz 6 in jeans, so I’m on the smaller side overall. I have found normal, solid color leggings that fit just fine at places like Marshalls–even have super warm lined ones meant for cold weather, and none of those need to be rolled up at the ankles. Skirts are dumpy, heavy looking; tops are all shapeless and oversized–even the x-smalls were too large for me. Nope, nope, nope.

  32. I understand if leggings aren’t for you or you think the patterns make others look like a toddler. But what I can’t understand is why women feel the need to tear other women down for something that makes them feel good. If you feel beautiful and confident in your Lularoe, good for you! If you’re more of a J. Crew, Banana Republic girl, that’s cool too! Let people be who they are without the negativity. Shouldn’t we, as women, support one another? And if this is the way a stay at home mom helps support her family, that’s awesome! Or if it’s just a way for the new girl in town to meet some new people, great! There’s always going to be someone judging, so just do you! But I know I’m going to be the type of woman who is rooting for other women to succeed, regardless of what they’re wearing.

    • Bless you, sister! I agree! I have to say that the LulaRoe consultants are some of the kindest, most compassionate that I’ve seen. Very helpful and giving. I admired and commented on a shirt with autism puzzle pieces, but couldn’t afford it at the time. Next thing I knew, the consultant had commented me with a request for my address. She just wanted to bless me with the shirt! I’ve also seen that many of them are having fundraisers through their sales to help others suffering from cancer or other troubles. I say be and let be!

  33. I Love this post!!!!!
    I also made a similar post about leggings too 🙂

  34. Dear Wannabee,

    I believe we are in the same age bracket, since I didn’t have to Google Jane Fonda, Xanadu, or Livvy (Have You Never Been Mellow?). I am a Speech Therapist who works in an elementary school where teachers think LuLaRoe is the greatest thing since low rise jeans. Women who really SHOULDN’T are wearing LuLaRoe leggings. Leggings just make their calves look twice as big and is so unflattering. All the time, they keep trying to get me to drink the Kool-Aid (Google Jonestown). Your blog made me laugh out loud. Thank you for seeing beyond the Emperor’s New Clothes! (Would they have to Google that too?)

    • This reply is almost as good as the article! thanks for the chuckle ladies!

  35. Hmmmm…. odd, I am nearly 60 yrs. old and on the pudgy side but have found that LLR works for me. I have always had thinner legs and, with regular clothing that I could afford, I had bad cases of ‘baggy’ legs and looked like a short box. I had not had a compliment in many, many years from anyone about my looks, no matter how well I tried to dress. I am one who compliments others who look nice, but none came my way, even though I work with 75 other teachers. When I started wearing LLR, I received compliments from many, usually daily. So… I guess it is just an individual thing like any other style of clothing. It either works for you, or it doesn’t. I especially love the Carly’s with leggings and the classic t with them as well. The Cassie and Azure skirts work for me, too, and I had not worn skirts or dresses in many years, because nothing looked right on me. I don’t sell LLR, as I don’t have time, but I thank God that I found something that makes me feel not only comfortable but pretty again. I suppose if I had a very high salary, I would find something else at a specialty store that worked as well or better, but that is not in my future. I love working with kids!

  36. I googled “lularoe ugly” and this came up, lol. I just can’t with the prints and color combinations.

  37. I totally agree! I got 1 pair of leggings yesterday and they are super comfortable but I WILL NOT leave house in these. I accidentally left the house yesterday wearing them, went to buy a few things from the grocery store and saw a friend in the shop, from a distance, but was too embarrassed to come over and say hi. Instead, I hid on the other side of the store until she was gone 😉

  38. It’s sad that you are raising girls.

    Who cares so much about what other people choose to wear? Other women …wow.

  39. I’m 34 and loved this post! I have some friends who love this stuff and aside from a few cute shirts, I just don’t understand the leggings with the big shirt. It looks like pajamas. And for me, my second son is 9 months and I still have 10 pounds to lose, just because the leggings fit doesn’t mean I should wear them! I’m glad I’m not alone! And honestly $50 for a shirt is INSANE!

  40. I can’t do it either..tons of the prints are so ugly. The sizes are way off.

  41. This is GENIUS. Twinsies, thank you for making me feel less alone!

  42. Their stuff is all the rage where I work. The clothes are hideous! Some of the tops are almost to the ground. Even the kids dress better.

  43. Oh my gosh! Thank you for this! I’m coming up on my mid 40’s. I thought I was the only one. Also, I am sure nothing was made for someone under 5’ tall!

  44. I had won a gift certificate for a free pair of leggings. When I tried to log on to the consultant’s website…the shop was not open.??? Why do I have to wait for a “wall drop, for a group to change its name to open? So I suddenly found myself having to learn new rules and vocabulary for shopping. I would have to comment a bunch of times on FB in order to get a link from a consultant to look at their inventory..and if I did like a pattern..only 1 was for sale and not in my size. Why all the weird rules. It seems so difficult to buy. But my intrigue would not stop so I continued shopping and purchased a pair of leggings..well I looked like someone had painted the pattern right on my legs,but and thighs. So I tried again and bought a Christmas patter, bought a long tunic shirt(plain black) to cover my rear end and got my husbands reassurance that I did not look like a Christmas sausage. I am a bit on the chubby side. I wore them to work the day before our Christmas break and I sorry I did. I swear everyone was taking a double take at me..I was so self conscience. I tried again and bought a much plainer pattern in hopes of trying to find the allure in this brand. The shirts are hideous..the patters are like who thought of these combinations. Maybe I am just too old..50 years this upcoming July and trying to find my style. I am still trying to get over my own embarrassment over wearing them to work..even though I do work in an elementary school. I just don’t get the hype and I tried. I really did. Oh yes, they are soft which may help soften the fall from fashion mishap and making the wrong fashion choice for myself.

  45. I just learned about this clothing for the first time today after a friend sent me an invitation on Facebook showing a “clothing sale.” the first couple items I brushed off and kept scrolling not expecting them to all be that ugly but to my disbelief, they only got uglier as I kept scrolling. Then I realized they were all from the same brand called Lularoe. I’m glad we werent close friends because I would’ve been offended that she didn’t know me better. I would never purchase any of these clothes.

  46. MISSY Melin Reply

    Lularoe is the most hideous shit I have ever seen. It looks like a textile manufacturer figured out how to use all the unsellable fabric and patterns. Goes to show how easily people are led by hype. And it is just plain tasteless and without any style what so ever. Yea, I lulaNO myself.

  47. I am 61, and a grandmother to 2 boys. Methinks the surest way to end the Lula Roe trend would be for ALL of us Big Mommas to sport the more ridiculous legging prints and jiggle shamelessly everywhere we go.

  48. All that and you never even mention that Lularoe is multilevel marketing scam crap? Sad.

  49. Lularoe stuff is hideous! I don’t get it either. Leggings aren’t pants, no one looks good in them! Plus the patterns are better suited to 5 year olds. I guess people are just sheep and can be sold just about anything.

  50. I was invited online and first thing I noticed were a lot of loud hideous clothes worn by mostly overweight people. No one, especially overweight people, needs to go wondering around in leggings unless you are working out or it is cold outside and you want to wear a dress. Many of the outfits looked terrible on the women but the consultant and everyone else was saying how great they looked. Then, I seen black leggings and I ordered a few to wear under my dresses. I loved how they felt. I have ordered a few more pieces but am not crazy about it. A lot of the outfits look terrible and are too expensive.

  51. So basically, you’re old and stuck in the 90s. You don’t HAVE to act like you’ve already died, but the choice is yours.

  52. So funny to find this after the company has been charged with being a pyramid scheme. Sad that so many women were scammed by this company over ugly clothing..

  53. Lularoe is a scammy company with overpriced ugly clothes. Most of the clothes are awfully frumpy. I was given a skirt once by a friend who’d outgrown it and needed to size up. It was not a bad skirt, it was one of their more subdued patterns and it was comfortable to wear. So when said friend asked me to attend a LLR “party” one evening I said “Sure”. Did I think it was strange the only way to buy more LLR was through a “consultant”? Sure. But I went along thinking Oh, maybe I’ll find another kinda nice skirt. I hear they have tee-shirts too, as well as leggings. Maybe I’ll snag some leggings for the gym.


    The party was bizarre. Let me just say that right off. The “consultant” seemed crazed. She was pumped high full of go-go juice or something! She never stopped talking about LLR. Talk about drinking the Kool Aid! And she couldn’t stop prattling on and on about how much money she was making and how all women should “jump on this while it’s hot”. All I wanted to do was buy a pair of gym leggings and maybe a tee shirt. I was not prepared for this pushy craziness.
    Oh…..and the clothing was hideous. I’m talking screaming loud prints and weirdly cut tops. Everything looked saggy and baggy until you tied some “knots” in it. Ummmm….
    I hadn’t tied knots in my clothing since the 80’s. Seemed weirdly out of date.
    And did I mention how expensive things were?
    I can go to Old Navy to buy leggings for 1/3 the price. And they don’t have screaming Doritos printed across my ass.

    Since watching the documentary I can now understand why these consultants act so weird. It truly is a very strange world.
    No thanks LLR. You can keep your hideous clothing!

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