When you go shopping for ummmm….let’s say….delicate items…do you feel all awkward, and the need to arrange the items on the conveyor belt with the same calculated precision of a real estate stager?  Or are you the type who doesn’t care what the cashier or the six people in line behind you at checkout 7 think of your perfectly natural purchases?

Take a wild guess at what kind of shopper I am?  continue reading….


Tara is gainfully employed by the toughest 3 female bosses she has ever had (well except for that one accounting manager who hated her). The pay sucks, but the cuddles are awesome. She drinks a lot of coffee, uses humour as a defense mechanism, and lives in fear of what lurks in her backyard. Keep Tara company on her unfortunately-named blog Don’t Lick the Deck, where she talks about her husband Nerdguy; her 10 year old and twin 8 year old girls; parenting autism and ADHD; and her inability to shop without creating disaster. She is regular contributor to Parentdish.ca who have not yet filed a restraining order.

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