Potential triggers with talk of depression and suicide.

My friend Shauna took her own life this week. Another friend, Stacey, texted me from the funeral with this plea: “Please make me a promise if life gets hard or you need to talk, you always call. We can’t go through this again.”

And then came the news of Robin Williams.

My Facebook feed is full of friends posting suicide hotline numbers and urgent reminders to reach out and get help. Because, if Shauna and Robin Williams chose death, maybe they skipped that reaching-out-getting-help part?

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Shannon has been writing on the web since 1998 when you could make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich before your page loaded. Her work has been featured in print and online and she blogs at truthfully.ca. There, Shannon writes about vulnerability, courage and mental health. Before content strategy, Shannon spent nine years leading classrooms of small humans.

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