This is the battle anthem we needed.

It is a rallying cry for the ages.

We need to scream and pound our chests together, we need to know that we are not alone.

From the shadows of the peaceful life of an elder star, we have an exquisite war cry to bring our blood up.

In the long and spectacular career of Barbra Streisand she has accomplished a significant portfolio of music, song and movies. She has by all accounts lived a good life. She is rich, she is privileged, and she didn’t have to do this, but she did.

She brought every ounce of talent in her soul to make this emotional piece. The song and imagery are so incredibly profound. The lyrics are rousing and leave me breathless. “How do you sleep?

As one of the most talented, and some will say one of the more recognizable voices of our era, she has written and performed this work of art that speaks to the corrupt power, and gives hope to the people.

Thank you Ms Streisand, we are humbled a grateful, this will be your crowning glory.


Watch and weep, then get mad.

Now go vote.


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