A co-worker recently asked me if I was going to go for a big promotion. Her job became open after being promoted to an executive. The open position, the assistant vice president, manages a team, balances the budget, and is responsible for overseeing $13 million in revenue on an annual basis. Me? I was extremely flattered at his suggestion, but also completely flabbergasted. Being a fulltime working mom with two kids under five, it is a mini miracle I make it in to work every day. Doesn’t he know, I am a complete mess?

Every morning is a chaotic swirl of getting the kids dressed, making breakfast, and attempting to find clean clothes for myself. My husband takes the kids to school (thanks honey!), while I commute nearly an hour to work. You would think we would have some systems to make each morning run more smoothly, but each day I make it out of the house still feels like a huge accomplishment. This is my actual thought process of my drive to work this morning.

I’m in the car, only running about 20 minutes late. It’s going to be a great day.

Did I brush my teeth?

I think I forgot to brush my teeth. Too late to stop for a toothbrush.

Is that a booger on my shirt?

That is definitely a booger. It’s about the right height of my son who was rubbing his face on me. I thought it was a loving gesture. I’ll just tell my co-workers it’s toothpaste and then they will think I brushed my teeth like a normal person.

I forgot my coffee.

I will get to work and approximately thirty minutes after my first sip, I can talk to other humans. Then they will think I just have coffee breath and not morning breath. Good plan.


I am dressed, showered and almost to work.

I also brushed my hair. My older son told me he loves me, and I told both my sons I love them. Things are good.

I am capable and smart. This is why my office hired me.

I can do this day. 

A very qualified person got the assistant vice president job. I didn’t go for it at all, because I feel like I am at my max capacity. However, my co-workers faith in my abilities got me thinking. As a working mom, I sometimes see myself as barely hanging on. But perhaps, the outside world isn’t let in on this secret. Perhaps we are all a little more qualified than we think we are.

Lindsey is a busy full-time working mom of two adorable and wild little boys. In her free time, she gets outside with her kids and blogs about it. You can follow her here: www.outdoorsymommy.com



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