men and toilet paperToilet Paper is Ruining My Marriage

You know what I mean… replace the roll for God’s sake!

OK, no problem, I would do that if I didn’t have to do it EVERY SECOND TIME THAT I PEE.

My husband needs to stop buying crappy (excuse the pun) toilet paper.

You know the kind. One ply, runs out after two revolutions…

I have no problem changing the roll as long as it doesn’t become a full-time job, running between our three bathrooms to see which is low or which is long since used.

And while I’m at it… don’t leave your shoes in the bathroom, in front of the toilet like you pooped so hard your shoes fell off. And your socks… put them away too. You didn’t fart so hard your socks blew off so put those stinky foot covers in the hamper.

And don’t even get me started about the toilet seat… let’s just both agree to put it down when we’re done. I don’t need that “shit” on my toothbrush.

Phew. I feel better. Time to go replace the toilet paper roll… again.


Jody usually writes over at but likes to use BLUNTmoms to really blow off some steam. The mother of two loud, young ladies, Jody is usually trying to cope with life by consuming wine. Because every Mommy needs some mommyjuice once in a while!

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  1. Hahaha, still cracking up over here. You hit upon the very reason why I ALWAYS buy the toilet paper. Men have no concept of the multi-ply rolls. Give me a three-ply or give me death!

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