Need reasons to travel with kids? I’ll give you five and make you see why travel with kids is the best way to do it. But, first of all, forget all those images of cranky, tantrum throwing kids on a plane for eight hours or tots running around and touching stuff at the museums. That’s all wrong. You have a bad days too. But I don’t see man swearing of travel with their wives, right. OK, perhaps not a fair point to make, because on your worse day you probably don’t go screaming your displeasure at the top of your lungs, or out of shear boredom kick the back of the chair in front of you during a long flight and I could go on. Still, we all get the point, there are all kinds of people and some of the adults you encounter on your travels are no better than the kids. And let’s not kid ourselves, there’s all types of kids along with their parents who make you never want to set foot outside your front door, let alone venture any further. But it’s not about you to change the others, it’s about you spending time with your kids, teaching them, enjoying their company and raising them to be better. Besides if you never take them anywhere but to see grandma a few kilometers away, how will they ever learn anything.

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I'm a thirty-something (let's not get into that), mother of two always on the move girls, and married to a husband in love with photography. We love to discover the world. Born in Slovenia of Croatian descent and most probably all English in one of my past lives I am not able to stay put for too long. Luckily the same goes for the rest of my bunch. I love to read, need to write and then share it all on my blog. Well, perhaps not all... maybe.

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