My son has allergies. I know, I know; doesn’t everyone have allergies? Yes, but really, he has the “fun” kind. He is allergic to everything in the environment and requires loads of pills and potions just to partially control it. We have seen allergists, dermatologists, and ENT’s. I had no idea you could spend so much money on allergies.

We took all the advice we could find, from removing the carpet to getting him immunotherapy shots. He has had surgery and taken every single medication they put out on the market.  Yet he still snorts and snuffles like some kind truffle-hunting boar most of the time. I’m telling you, it is not a pleasant sound either – and I love him. If you are a stranger, I imagine it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard.

So when we had the opportunity to try out a Venta Airwasher, I jumped. This occurred right after his HEPA filter fan broke and before I bought a replacement! It was what exactly what we were looking for. I was extra happy because it is a cold air humidifier. Humidity is a welcome thing when you live in the desert.

I was hoping this would help clear all the crap in his room he is allergic to and doesn’t seem capable of cleaning up for himself. Like dust. Because dusting is hard when you are a teenager. I wasn’t holding my breath because I have tried so many things before, but hope springs eternal in a mother’s heart. Besides, I am tired of yelling at him to clean his room for his own good. That alone made the Airwasher seem perfect for us.

People – if you do not have one of these things, you have no idea what you are missing. I know because I had no idea what we were missing. 

It is super light, no real assembly, and easy to set up and move around. This is awesome because I am almost never in the mood to assemble random pieces of equipment. It requires nothing special to run it and it is whisper quiet. The humidity it puts in the air is just a light cold water mist. Really, it’s almost like it isn’t even there.

The best part, if you have a teenager, is that it only needs to be cleaned every 2 weeks! And by cleaned I mean wiped down. In between you just refill the water.  I was certain this would become my job, mostly because I do everything, but it isn’t.  After three months I find him filling it in the bathroom all the time. Without being screeched at. It is like some sort of Airwasher miracle. Remember, this is from a kid who doesn’t dust, vacuum or clean anything regularly. Hell, he doesn’t even brush his teeth regularly.

I swear this is working out better for me than it is for him.

He claimed he hasn’t slept so well in ages after one night. Leaving aside the fact that he sleeps until the mid-afternoon most days, that is an impressive declaration. Then he said could breathe through his nose for the first time in recent memory and I was sold. I expected the honeymoon to end, but after a couple weeks he emphatically told me that no matter where he moved, the Venta Airwasher was his and was going with him.  I assume that wherever he ends up will be just as dusty as his bedroom, so he will need it.

As a matter of fact, the only issue I have with the Airwasher is trying to keep my husband from stealing it. He is constantly asking me when we are getting one for our room.  I have held off during the testing period, but I really have no excuse anymore. I didn’t tell him that Amazon has them or boxes would have been arriving by the dozen weeks ago.

So thank you Venta. The Airwasher was just what we were looking even if we didn’t know it. I finally get why you call it an Airwasher and I am super grateful that it works as amazingly well as it does. Now….can we talk about a bulk discount? I have 2 other kids and several rooms that are going to need these.

By the way, there’s a Venta Black Friday Sale! Friday, November 25th-Monday, November 28th, get 15% off the purchase of any size Venta Airwasher. Purchase as many units as you’d like, 15% off each one! Enter the code: turkeyday2016 at checkout.

Melissa Morritt Coble

Melissa Coble is a mom living in Phoenix, Arizona just trying to survive the teenage years with a lot of laughs, an occasional rant, and copious amounts of wine. You can find her counting the days until her nest is empty on her blog An Unfit Parent and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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