funny-pinterest-picturesSocial media is taking over my life.

I find myself thinking in status updates. “Jody is currently writing a blog about social media taking over her life.”

Sometimes I limit my comments to 140 characters or less.

I’m worried about my Klout score, how to increase my Kred and checking out who is checking me out on LinkedIn.

I see photo opps in my mind as Instagram pics.

I investigate who is searching me out by what key words come up in Google Analytics.

I “ego Google” to make sure my “online reputation” is representing my personal brand.

I rack my brain looking for thought provoking or humourous tweets…

I search high and low for blog ideas even think about making some up. (but haven’t had to resort to that YET).

I search out brands to connect with… I engage with other Twits on Twitter… all in the name of increasing my influence online.

I am more connected to my online friends than my IRL (in real life) friends.  But sometimes they are one in the same.

I feel disconnected when I’m away from my phone or computer. I fear I’m missing out on news or gossip.

What is happening to me? Is the same thing happening to you? Feel free to comment, Facebook or tweet me… but whatever you do, don’t call me. I’ll probably ignore you and send you a text 🙂


Jody usually writes over at but likes to use BLUNTmoms to really blow off some steam. The mother of two loud, young ladies, Jody is usually trying to cope with life by consuming wine. Because every Mommy needs some mommyjuice once in a while!

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