I have the utmost respect for all mothers but it has got to be noted that single mothers are #BADF*CKINASS. Seriously, raising small children solo, while working and attempting to maintain some kind of social life is NEXT LEVEL. If you’ve got a job you need doing, I suggest asking a single mum (actually don’t, because she’s flat stick on time) but the point I’m trying to make is, is there is NOTHING that woman can’t do.

The strength of a single mother alone baffles my mind. A woman strong enough to stand up and leave the one life she’s known and striven for, to know that the life she’s about to endure is going to be 10,000 times more difficult, financially, physically, emotionally, but she does it anyway. She carefully considers the pros and cons and she knows her workload will triple if she does this, not to mention the guilt, the fear, the judgement, but she finds the strength to do it anyway! And then there’s the mum who had no choice, she was blindsided by her partner’s decision to leave and was left with no choice but to get up EVERY SINGLE DAY and put on a brave face for those beautiful babies, reassuring them that everything is going to be ok, even though she’s broken inside.

She works hard every single day and gives 110% of herself and then cries herself to sleep at night only to get up and do it all again. I’m sorry, but if that’s not STRENGTH, I don’t know what is. She doesn’t need a man for anything, bin duties? We got it! Light bulb blown? We on it! Spider in the bathroom? Sorted! Strange noise in the middle of the night? That’s on us to investigate. We’re running households solo, as well as being emotional support for our babies who are going through an enormous change. They rely on our strength and we give that to them even though our heart aches. We’re the only ones responsible for the house, the kids, the pets, our work. And there’s no one else to share the burden or lighten the load. We’re paying bills and budgeting funds, we’re the masters at stretching money, we know we can stretch $30 over about 4-5 meals if we’re smart about it. Because mothers are protectors and we’re never going to let our children down.

They trust us, and we’ve got them!

We make sacrifices, we go without a whole lotta’ stuff to ensure our children have what they need and we don’t stop there. One job not enough? We’re studying, working and doing our best to find additional means of income to ensure we can provide for our children alone. We’re running schedules, work, making costumes baking cookies and while at times our own heart may be broken, we’re still smiling, every single day and we’re telling our children that we’ve got them, that we’ve got this new life and we will always love them and THAT, is strength and LOVE in the purest form.

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