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I just started working from home and its kind of tricky.  Actually that is a blatant lie.  Working from home is super tricky.

I’m like Stella tying to get her groove back. But, mainly I am trying to get my own groove started. Things keep getting in the way.

I stop working when a telemarketer calls. I mean, the phone was ringing it might have been work or a day care emergency or usually a friend inviting me for coffee.

I stop working when my computer defragmentates or whatever the hell it does, then I get up and put a load of laundry in.

I stop working when I hear the garbage truck. Damn it Zed forgot to put out the garbage, I’ll just run outside and do it.

Here are the things I don’t get…..

Am I supposed to shower?

Am I supposed to change out of my pajamas?

Should I do my hair and make up?

Do I really need to change my underwear?

I realize that I should probably do all 4 of those things, but it feels kind of naughty to do work in my stinky 4 day old pajama’s.   Speaking of naughty I also have also put Bailey’s in my coffee at 1:30 in the afternoon.




Now, don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of work to do, and I am getting it done, but I could do with a lot less runs to the grocery store, license renewals, dental appointments, car washes and daycare pick ups.  It would save me waaaaaay more time to get my work done.

Now back to work.   Hmm.. the kids aren’t home for 35 minutes. I think I am going to jump on the treadmill and have a long shower before I put supper in the oven.

Kyla Cornish
Twitter: @Mommyisweird



Kyla Cornish is an on hiatus radio Dj adjusting to being a Momma of two children. Main problems? Lack of sex, sleep, sanity and an addiction to saucy chicken wings. According to one, probably drunk commentor on her blog, ” She is Canada’s Version of The Bloggess”. You can read her writing in a series of e-books titled “Life Well Blogged” and she has been recognized by many top blogger lists. She was even named Platinum Blog in her community of Cranbrook, British Columbia. Her big claim to fame is being kicked out of a blogging contest for cheating. She also won a baking competition when she was 11 at a 4-H Rally. So as you can see, she's kind of a big deal.


  1. Good Lord yes, get your ass in the shower, clean yourself up and make like you are going to work.

    I think people who do business with work from home people (moms or not) should do random drop ins. I don’t want to do business with someone who doesn’t change their underwear and is boozing it up at “work”

  2. I completely understand. Just getting uninterrupted time to focus on work is hard at an office or at home. At the office, the phone’s ringing, emails landing, sudden drop-ins for “quick” conversations or complaining about something or sharing the funniest story, the temptation to check CNN or any website that makes you feel connected to the world, trying to schedule doctor appointments, etc. At the home office, well, you pretty much nailed it. There’s a 2-minute thing like hauling the trash to the curb that doesn’t significantly impact the time spent on work, but it interrupts the flow. It’s hard to have discipline to one thing day after day when there are so many other things beckoning.

  3. Okay, you should probably at least bathe & throw on some clean yoga pants. You’ll find your groove. It may not be for a month or so, but you’ll get there. I think the most important thing is that you’re getting your work done and your employer is happy. The fact that you get to do everything else too is (maybe) a bonus.

  4. BlissfullyMe Reply

    There are no rules when you work from home! That’s what so great about it – your house, your rules. Just get the work done.

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