People for the love of God, please stop believing everything you read on the internet.  And then stop sharing it and passing it on as fact.  Reach deep inside that brain of yours and see if you can locate your common sense.  It’s in there somewhere.  You know that rule – Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt?  That is some solid advice.

Pinterest is not an encyclopedia.  Facebook is not a reliable news source.  And just because 10,000 people “Like” a post it doesn’t mean it’s true.  Stop being a minion and grow a pair.

– Don’t straighten your hair with brown sugar. Unless you like to attract bugs.  In that case go for it.

– McDonald’s hamburgers are not made from pink slime. And they don’t buy their meat from a company called All Beef so they can call their burgers all beef.

– Entering your PIN backwards at an ATM will NOT call the police.  It will just give the muggers more time to mug you.

– Do not treat burns with raw eggs whites.  Then you will be burned and have salmonella.

– The lines on Red Solo cups are not meant to measure alcohol. Do so at your own risk.

– Barak Obama was born in the US. Despite the rambling of a bat shit crazy Donald Trump.

– The moon landing was real.  Go watch a scifi movie from that era and check out the “special effects” and then say this with a straight face.

– There are not 5 magic foods that will lead to belly fat loss.  There just aren’t.

– Otto Titzling did not invent the bra. Thomas Crapper did not invent the flush toilet either.


Stop being a follower. Unless you happen to be an idiot.  In that case at least try to follow someone with a few more brain cells and kahunas than you. Here are some warning signs of people you shouldn’t put all your stock in on social media:

– They consistently like, post or repost conspiracy theories.

– They watch, and then talk about, a lot of “reality” TV and get worked up about it.

– They are constantly “boycotting” businesses.

– They rant and rave about EVERYTHING.  Nothing is good.

– They have zero original thoughts.

–  You roll your eyes at ever second thing they post.


If this is you step away from the computer and go read a newspaper.  A real one.  The kind you have to unfold to read.

If this is people you follow click on “unlike” or “unfollow” now.  You don’t have time for that shit.



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