Oh, hey! Did you know there are a million ways to distract yourself from reality when you go on social media? That’s right, you can pretend the Russians haven’t infiltrated the U.S. government, Black people aren’t being murdered by law enforcement, Brown people aren’t being separated from their families and held in prison camps, and LGBTQ people aren’t being persecuted for being themselves. Renounce compassion and embrace capitalism with these seven social media posts!

1. The world is burning to the ground, but hey Facebook fan! How about a really delicious Rib Recipe For Your Next Summer BBQ?

2. I know most of Twitter is debating civility in politics, but have you seen my newest blog post about the Best Hacks For Taking Your Kids to Disneyland?

3. Come check out my Instagram account if you’re planning to ignore the humanitarian crisis at the southern border and instead look at What’s Inside My Beauty Box this month!

4. Check out my Summer Weight Loss Tips! You need to be beach ready after suffering a botched abortion from a medical professional who didn’t disclose that they didn’t actually have a medical license.

5. Patriotic Ice Cream Sundaes are just the thing you need to celebrate America landing on the Top 10 list of Dangerous Countries For Women!

6. Ignore the Russian Bots and come to my Twitter party tonight! We’ll be talking about Saving Up For Retirement. If we live that long!

7. Apparently the White House now edits transcripts of press conferences where something happens the regime (oops, administration) doesn’t like, but I haven’t edited this inspirational blog post about how to follow your dreams to achieve the life you want!

I know life has to continue, to a certain degree, as chaos reigns all around us. We all need to make money to pay the bills. But the tone deaf hammering out of social media fluff only has me blocking your ass on whatever platform your shilling your work on. If you don’t want to “get political,” I’m going to assume your politics line up with those who are racist, misogynist, bigoted, and ignorant. So good riddance anyway, I guess.

I’ll be over here, writing about civil disobedience and the fall of democracy.


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