words i hate

  1. The C-word: Cancer (for obvious reasons.) And, that other one.
  2. Menstruation, Menses & Menopause: Don’t get me wrong: I love men, I just hate most words where “men-” is a prefix. I equally dislike nicknames, such as “Aunt Flo”. You got your period? Ok, great. (Or not great–depending on the circumstances.)
  3. Vulva, Foreskin & similar: While I fully support using the proper names of body parts–especially with kids (I beg you to use the right words with kids!), I just avoid these particular ones.
  4. Schedule: Mostly when people say it with a “Sh” sound, rather than a “Sk” sound.
  5. Speaking of “Sh” words, here’s another: Should. Think about it. How many times have you been should on? By yourself? By others? Stop it. Now.
  6. Date Night: I dunno. Ask me out. Surprise me. Make plans. Don’t make plans. But “date night” percolates feelings of “have to” rather than “want to”.  
  7. Poo, Poop, BM: I get it, everybody poops. However, I don’t even like it when people say “I might be awhile”. Just go do your sh*t. You don’t have to tell me about it.
  8. No. What can I say? I simply prefer Yes. 🙂
What words give you that fingernails-on-a-chalkboard kind of feeling?

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