thumbDear Local Small Business Owner,

I know that you’d really like to have my business. The personal messages on Facebook and Twitter DM’s have made it pretty clear.

And while I’m quite interested in the services you offer, asking me repeatedly whether “I’ve figured out my schedule for the week” is not going to make my children’s sporting events, school outings and end-of-the-year parties magically disappear. Neither will it result in all of my clients simultaneously canceling their appointments, leaving me with an afternoon free to listen to your sales pitch.

Don’t get me wrong, I really want to like and support the community-based business you’re building.

But as a fellow small business owner, I’d recommend that you put your smart phone away when meeting potential customers in person. Your lack of eye contact and constant attention to your Facebook and Twitter feed during our recent conversation did nothing to engender confidence and trust. Oddly enough, I required both before I’m willing to hand over my credit card number in exchange for product or services.

Oh, and telling me that you have to cancel the appointment that we’d made because “two of your paying customers” now required that time slot was the final nail in the coffin.

A Ex-Potential Customer Who Will Be Taking Her Business Elsewhere


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