On the backside of BLUNTmoms, we have what we call a Momnado occur every so often.
This is when the “POWER OF THE BLUNTMOM” takes force and awesome stuff happens.

Such is this.

Vlog telephone is a new game, devised by one of our most awesome BLUNTmoms, Tiffany of My Dirt.

Check out the Vlog below, and then click the link below it. By listening to each of the Vlogs, and clicking each of the links, you will join a swack-load of the BLUNTmoms as we play a game of Telephone around the Globe.

And by around the globe, I mean AROUND THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!

It’s gonna be fun, trust me!

each of us will be answering a question from the person before us, and asking a question to the person after us… so, to find out our WHOLE story, you need to watch ALL the vlogs, and visit all the sites.

What’s in it for you?

Just the pure joy of using 20 minutes to join us in the complete craziness, and getting to know a few of us a little bit more!  (and don’t worry, it isn’t ALL of us, only 12!)

So, enjoy the ride, and commit to see it through! It could be kinda fun!


Follow the Vlog train through to the next site and enjoy the ride

Meredith at The Girl Next Door who Drinks and Swears! 




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  2. I underestimated how amazing it was goin to be to see you all speaking out loud. And feeling happy that being in Bangkok I am helping in the round the world!

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