Are you trying to find the perfect holiday gift for the men in your life? We’ve been there and these are some things we’ve come up with to delight the men in ours.

He’s your brother

You grew up together. It’s hard to believe he’s got kids of his own now. Where does the time go? Remember when he was little? Man, it just flies. Now you’re an auntie to a rugrat. You’ve been there with your own kids, who are so past the baby phase of diapers and colic. If you could tell him anything it would be, “Don’t lose your identity in your kids. Keep a piece of yourself alive. You’re going to need it.” That’s why you’ve picked a diaper bag from E.C. Knox. It’s great for lugging all that kid stuff, while still letting him be the stylish, handsome guy he’s always been. It’s polished, like his smile and timeless like your bond as siblings. 

He’s your husband

He travels a lot for work and as hard as it is to watch him go, you’ve been together so long you know he will be back soon. You know deep down it’s not easy for him to leave either, but you’ve got goals as a family and he’s doing his part to help make those dreams come true. You have a relationship that has weathered the tests of time and you want to send him off with a bag that will weather the journey he’s on to come back home to you. This premium leather duffel bag is just the thing, made by Saddleback Leather. 

He’s your dad

You remember him sitting in the den watching football, rooting for his favourite team. He taught you what teamwork really means when he explained the plays and remembered an impressive number of statistics. It’s hard to admit that now that he’s older those numbers don’t come to mind as quickly, but you will never forget the way he taught you the value of a dollar, and that’s why this NFL game used uniform wallet from Uncommon Goods is the perfect way to recognize the things he taught you while you sat together in front of the television over the years. 

He’s your kid’s tutor

He’s wicked smart and respectful and you don’t know what you would do without him. He helped reduce report card stress and nothing made you happier than seeing him at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, showing your kid the ropes. For all the homework drama he saved you, he deserves a better cup of coffee than you can manage. That’s where Craft Coffee: A Manual comes in. It’s an accessible guide to making coffee that explores multiple pour-over, immersion, and cold-brew techniques on 10 different devices. It’s full of science and fun facts just like he is.

He’s your brother-in-law

He’s handy in the kitchen and an amazing dinner party host. You look forward to that time around the dinner table because his food is always so good and meals are memorable. Of all the fish in the sea, your sister picked this one. He’s full of empathy for living things and nature and he cares a lot about where his food comes from. The farm to table movement is his jam, and he 100 mile diets like the best of them. That’s why you’re getting him Lure, a cookbook of sustainable seafood recipes. It’s kind of selfish, admittedly, because you know you’re going to get something yummy out of it, but also, you know he takes pride in serving a good meal and making ethical choices. 

Disclosure: Samples of these products have been provided by the vendors for review and consideration, but all opinions are ours.




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