Yes, my children ARE geniuses – thank you – and this holiday, our altruistic goal is to continue to fill their beautiful brains with opportunity for learning and inspiration.

See, its because we are amazing parents, who care about our children’s intelligence, and have no interest is filling their time with useless games and toys.

So, we have compiled our list of favourite items that you can use to make your children as smart as ours this holiday!

OzoBot If you want your kids to learn more about logic and programming, this tiny little 1 inch robot might be the perfect gift for you. Creative drawing with markers and block-based programming will start your little ones on the way to understanding how machines “think.”

Ooka Island Reading App  If your little one isn’t reading yet, the Ooka Island App is the way to go. With years of educational research behind it, the Ooka Island program works to inspire young readers!  Enter to WIN a 1 year subscription to the app (value $120apx) here. 

Educational Insights Telescope   When my little one looks at the vast night sky they are able to expand their mind.   A telescope is an amazing way to let them see that the world is full of opportunities…. and perhaps they will make the next big discovery from your front porch? 

Rocksmith Guitar  Available for the computer and all major consoles, Rocksmith is a great way for the entire family to pick up a guitar and learn how to play in amazingly short order. With the help of a cable, the game will “listen” to your progress, assign you lessons, and teach you how to read chord tabs. And little mini games will ensure that there’s no whining about practicing!

Gizmos and Gadgets Inventor Toolbox  Imagine if you took everybody’s favourite building block set and combined it with power and the ability to move, and you’d have Gizmos and Gadgets. This one kit comes with instructions for 12 different projects like mischief makers and bubble bots, and hundreds more projects are available online!

Acoustic Guitar  We have this item here because we understand not only the value of academics, but believe that well rounded children should also excel at the arts.  Having a guitar around the house will encourage impromptu song writing sessions and help your genius child project their thoughts in a creative way.  


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