If something isn’t working, I quit it. So yes, I am a quitter. I quit things all the time.

If I don’t like something, I stop doing it. I ditch it, get it out of my life. Throw it away, or re-gift it. I don’t think twice about it, I just open the trash and throw it in.

People too.. if people don’t enhance my world, they are gone. No dramatic goodbyes, no second chances, I follow my gut and toss them out the door.

Life is too short, and too filled with things I love to keep around the stuff that doesn’t work.

Sometimes it means I turn my back on things that look really, really good to other people. Often people don’t understand why i say no, and I can’t always explain it. . . but I still say no.

I can’t be coerced. You can’t change my mind. No is no. Done is done.

And sometimes it makes me feel like a quitter.  Sometimes it makes me think I can’t go “all the way”

But then I think, why should I continue doing something that doesn’t feel right, that doesn’t work.. that isn’t going to go anywhere anyway?

So, then I don’t feel like a quitter anymore.

For awhile anyway, until I start to doubt myself again.



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  1. Me too, I like things to flow and be easy. Not to say I don’t do the hard things that NEED to be done, but you word it wonderfully, I get it out of my life.

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