notmeAwkward moment – When you step into a single stall washroom (like at work) and the last person who visited stunk it up real good.

That’s actually not the awkward part.  I’m a mom; I’ve seen and smelled it all.  The awkward part is when you quickly do your business and make your exit and someone is standing outside the door waiting for their turn.

You know they are going to walk in there and think you are the one who dropped the deuce and you want to say “Hey, it stinks in there, but it wasn’t me.”  But you just can’t because not only is that not socially acceptable but it actually makes you seem more guilty.

You know the whole “you smelt it you dealt it” rule? So instead you have to either walk away and try not to make eye contact, which again makes you look guilty as hell, or greet that person with a smile and tell yourself they will overlook your mistaken stinkiness because you are just so damn nice.


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