We women love to kvetch and vent when things are shit. Today I am going to post a list of things that  really can get better when you stop caring about them.

Remember the advice you used to get from a well meaning friend? “Oh honey, just stop looking for a man and it will happen”. She was probably right. Just stop worrying about getting knocked up and enjoy the romp… fertility is a crap shoot. See? All kinds of examples of shit that just falls into place when you are not looking.

Somehow the idea of not caring about stuff is always painted as a bad thing. I would like to list the things that I am starting not to care about:

1. So what if I am 20 pounds heavier, I still get laid

2. My job doesn’t define me, and I don’t have to give it my soul – just enough attention so I am the best at it… which isn’t that hard.

3. Dumb bitches at my kids school. God their lives are silly. I don’t care about their Pinterests.

4. The look of my house. Meh… so what

5. Achieving my to do list. Really – it self reloads every day, whether I finish it or not.

6. Getting out of bed early or late, really, nobody cares and I still get out the door on time or not. If I lost two hours sleep, I turn my alarm off.

7. My kids don’t really specialize in a particular pursuit or sport. EVERYBODY around me spends all their time and money on hockey or gymnastics or some shit. I sat around with my kids last night laughing our asses off about instagram memes. It was fun.

8. I used to cook elaborate meals for dinner parties. The same people come and have fun at my house when I order Chinese.

9. I had a pile of 43 magazines that sat on my coffee table, unread, for 8 months. I threw them in the recycle because they represented just one more thing I couldn’t get to. It was awesome and the world didn’t end.

10. I shave my legs when I feel like it, not when I think it is time for mating and I want to be unstubbly for my husband. He doesn’t care, so why should I?

this little list of personal freedoms brought to you today by peri-menopause and burn out.

You are welcome.


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