I am pissed off. Truly I am.

I have no problem with Direct sales companies, in fact, I think they they provide a huge support network for the people that join them. What I have a problem with is the way many of them lie and pressure their way into their clients and consultants lives.

I was just approached by a company looking to partner with me, via a blogging group.

As a blogger, this happens all the time. We do have to make enough money to buy wine, so sometimes we need to sell our words to pay the liquor bill.

This gal set up an appointment. Two long distance cel phone calls later we connected.

At which point she sent me her presentation, and added, what she told me was her client, to the call.

Client my ass. I think they call that an upline you liar.

Once I saw the name on the “presentation” I didn’t participate and called them on it.  And I wasted 15 minutes of my time, doing it.

After I had hung up, I stewed. And I stewed and I stewed.

How DARE they.

How on earth can they think that manipulating me into a presentation on their direct sales concept will EVER work?

How can it? If a business begins by lying, where else can it go?

Are the products so shoddy and ridiculous that they need to keep them hidden from public eyes? When has pressure sales tactics EVER built a business person with values?

It frustrates me that someone would ever think that this kind of deception is ok. It angers me to know that other people are being suckered into these “secret clubs”

Be honest. Be direct and if I need your product, or your service, I will call you.

But do not EVER contact me under the guise of a service I currently sell to manipulate me  into a “partnership” that is no partnership at all.

Damn it people. .  . getting a brain and grow some fucking values.


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  1. Oh crap. I hate it when this happens. I have been similarly victimized and it just makes me fume!
    Have a glass and wine and send them an invoice 🙂

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