penis envyWhen we had our second boy the first question we were asked by many was “Are you going to try for a girl then?”. Seriously? A second beautiful, healthy little boy wouldn’t be enough to complete our family of already testosterone filled craziness? I mean, it’s not like I had ever dreamed of our family unit being boy and girl, one of each, pinkies and bluies? Well, OK then, maybe a little bit.

I had a sister, my husband had a sister, my dad had 2 sisters – I thought the sista’ gene ran in the family. My pregnancies were completely different and I must confess we thought my little ‘he’ was a little ‘she’ until the minute he was born.

Having 2 boys is full on. I’m not taking anything away from someone with 2 girls, sheesh I have no idea! I only know how it is for me and, well, it’s pretty much full of willies, action toys, trains, shouting, running, more willies and mess!

I feel out numbered a lot of the time because my hubby is a HUGE kid with the boys. The three of them seem to have a special ‘3 Amigo’s Boys Club’ that I just can’t break into. Believe me I’ve subscribed, paid the membership and tried on all the hats – I just can’t seem to get the Gold Membership and be an equal team member. I can’t role play with solider toys, build dens in the woods, make swords with sticks or pee standing up. I have penis envy!

Hubby and I discussed in all seriousness if we should try for a third. My response: “And be blessed with even more penis, if we are super lucky, twin penises? Thanks but no thanks!”. But it got me thinking. Do we consciously try for babies secretly hoping that we hit lucky with the color we want?

For us, we never consciously tried to have either but if we did (theoretically) try for a third, would I let hubby know I had a conception plan? Would I secretly be wiping lemon juice over my Cha Cha before intercourse because  (apparently) male sperm die in acidic environments. Did you know that? (Internet really is amazing) Don’t know how I’d keep that one secret from hubby – “Sorry darling, do you mind waiting whilst I add salt and pepper down there too”! On that note, would it be right to even try for the pinkies incase we hit penis-ville again?

Truth be told, it’s more the thought of striking pink that scares me off trying again. I kind of like being the only pinkie in our house. I may not be on the Gold Member list for their club but I do have a special club that my boys create for me and I’m treated like a VIP daily. I’m the only girl and that’s what makes me special because I’m the only VIP in the house! (Very Important & Penis-less).


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  1. Ha I loved the line “Believe me I’ve subscribed, paid the membership and tried on all the hats…” I like the VIP acronym too! But as a mom of only girls I DO NOT like that people are now all going to be wondering if I rubbed lemon juice on my netherlands! lol

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